LDS Conference Center

LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

In my most ambitious liveblogging yet, I’m going to attempt to liveblog General Conference.  I must admit, this will probably be more of a notetaking project for me than anything else, but it might turn into something interesting and fun if we start getting other people participating online here (like you!).  You will be able to enter your name, and your comments, all live and in real-time.

Clearly, I will not be rewriting everything that is being said.  The Church’s English video stream will be embedded alongside the liveblog, so you can watch and listen while participating in a discussion and commentary about what is being said at the same time.  If you visit over the next two days the homepage will display the video and liveblog and nothing else to distract.

I am looking forward to learning at the feet of the Lord’s prophets and apostles over the next two days.  How blessed we are to live at this time, and to be instructed by prophets, seers, and revelators!

Update 10/5/08: The liveblog notes from Conference are below. Click on the circular replay button in the center below to read them.

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