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Just as a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so too can destructive political ideologies persist, regardless of the package they are wrapped in. In order to create real political change, it is necessary to perform more than just a transfer of keys and titles; changing the guard does not change what is being guarded. Until we are able to have fresh blood in Washington, the contaminated cesspool of big-government socialists will not be threatened by any attempts for real change.

The KGB provides an interesting case study to further this point. According to Spiegel Online, a 2006 study asserts that 78% of Russia’s leaders were involved with the KGB before the country’s government structure was forced to make some stark changes. But are we to believe that the change in the political ideology, world view, and long-term goals of such individuals happened at the same time and speed as the fall of the iron curtain?

This question raises an important point regarding real change: political ideologies can use whatever vehicle necessary to achieve their agenda. Simply having the skeleton framework of a constitutional republic (as we do in our country) does not guarantee the security and propagation of liberty. A change in government does little good if those put in power share and advance the same ideas that the public had previously rejected.

Thus, it would behoove the next President—one who incessantly chanted the word “change” at every opportunity—to ensure that real change is created by refusing to associate with individuals who have long been part of the national political establishment, and who have continually advocated policies held up as sacrosanct by the Democratic elites. His recent nominations have shown a refusal to follow this course of action, therefore we can rest assured that the change he promised his followers will simply be a change in the guard—what is being guarded will not change under his presidency.

Real change—a different set of ideas, goals, and policies—rarely succeeds unless accompanied by radical action. Revolutions attempting to tear down tyranny and create real change have not always been physical and violent in nature, nor need they be. But proposing minor changes or slightly differing policy does not change the overall direction and goals, much like digging in the snow with a shovel does not deter the incoming avalanche. Until America rises up and demands new leadership, any change promised or implemented will simply be in furtherance of the same overall political agenda we’ve been subjected to for the past several decades.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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