I have the pleasure of being on the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. The press release (included below) received a mention at Politico, and local coverage by the Deseret News and KSL.

From notables to neighbors, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members prefer Dr. Paul

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today new members of its “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition. Included among the new additions are prominent author Connor Boyack, and two Ron Paul campaign staff working in western states.

Focusing on a large western-states voting bloc, the continued use of coalitions will build capacity in a manner that proved pivotal to the 12-term Congressman from Texas’s top-tier finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The launch of “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” reveals a voter segment not monopolized by any particular candidate. Voters of an LDS background are in fact investigating the limited-government message of Dr. Paul and turning toward his candidacy. Their support and that of many other affinity groups proves Ron Paul can win the votes required be the Republican nominee for the presidency.

Connor Boyack is author of Latter-day Liberty: A Gospel Approach to Government and Politics. Latter-day Liberty explores the fundamental aspect of liberty in the good news of the Gospel, what it is and what role it plays in our lives. The book has been featured with Mr. Boyack on national TV, including on “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano.”

Offering a personal endorsement, Mr. Boyack is also state coordinator for the Utah Tenth Amendment Center. He is a political economist and web developer by trade, and a Brigham Young University graduate residing in Utah with his wife and two children.

“As Latter-day Saints (Mormons), we strongly support the Constitution and revere the founding fathers of this country. We are commanded in our scripture to seek out and support good, honest, and wise men for public office – those who will support and defend the Constitution. In the 2012 presidential campaign, only one candidate clearly meets these criteria,” said Mr. Boyack.

Continuing, Mr. Boyack described his support for Dr. Paul saying, “Rep. Ron Paul has been a consistent champion of the Constitution and the principles of liberty, placing himself in similar esteem with Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and other principled statesmen of the founding generation. He, more than any other candidate, has repeatedly demonstrated an unwavering, consistent commitment to keeping his sacred oath of office. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would do well to seriously study the public record and personal life of Ron Paul, and take advantage of the wonderful opportunity we have to support for President our very own modern founding father.”

Also joining the national steering committee are two Ron Paul campaign staff members, Michelle Jenson of Tendoy, Idaho and Dustin Petersen of Quincy, Washington.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Michele Jenson stated, “There is only one clear choice for President of the United States and that is Dr. Ron Paul. Throughout my life, I have morally and spiritually convicted to pick honorable men and women to represent my values, and am encouraged to choose candidates who uphold and protect the Constitution.”

“In my view the only candidate who lives by these divinely-inspired principles and values is Ron Paul. In fact, the conviction of my faith has led me to dedicate my time to Ron Paul, doing all I can to step forward and preserve the Constitution as it hangs by a narrow thread,” added Ms. Jenson.

“As Members of the LDS Church we are taught to support candidates who uphold the Constitution of the United States. Without question, I know that Congressman Paul best represents that counsel. No one has fought more courageously for our Constitutional Freedoms,” stated Dustin Petersen, a BYU-Idaho Senior and who served a Mission in Ecuador.

As a function of today’s announcement, Messrs. Boyack and Petersen and Ms. Jenson are now national advisory board members of the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition.

As a first basic step, those wanting to join the “Latter-day Saints for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition should visit the official page by clicking here. They should also send an email to Chris Kuper, National Coalitions Liaison, at hq.coalitions@ronpaul2012.com.


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