The Meetinghouse Technology Team has initiated a project to move related content from the Meetinghouse Technology section of the LDSTech wiki (pictured below) to

The following are several reasons for the change:

  • Make it easy to provide content in ten languages (99% coverage): English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.
  • Provide clear delineation from authoritative content and community-contributed content.
  • Secure sensitive content with role-based authentication.
  • Reduce the number of locations where content is published.
  • Integrate content with personalization effort (displaying information related to your Church calling on the home page).
  • Change page layouts (design) without having to write code.

What does this mean? Our training materials, product overviews, and policy and guidelines will move to in the next several months. We will continue to use the LDSTech Forum as a place for technology specialists to connect, ask questions, and receive additional help. The LDSTech wiki will also continue to have an index page of meetinghouse technology links pointing to

Less than two thirds of our 3,000 plus technology specialists speak English. If you have been or are involved in community translation efforts, we thank you for your efforts. This service will no longer be required for meetinghouse technology content. is connected directly to the Church’s translation process and will make it easy to keep content translated in ten languages.

In preparation for the move to, we are building out a new site map and cleaning up content on Your feedback is welcomed—especially regarding how we structure the new site map.

As we audit each content page, we will mark the page with “MHT MOVE” or “MHT STAY,” making it easy to determine which pages are moving to All pages with “MHT MOVE” will also be listed in the new meetinghouse technology site map. Please use the discussion feature on individual wiki articles for page-specific feedback or the Meetinghouse Technology Content Moving to forum on LDSTech. Updates will be posted to this forum as the project progresses.

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