The team has redesigned the magazine ordering system. You are invited to help us test the next version of the site and provide feedback about the new process. The most valuable feedback will come from your test of the following scenarios:

  • Renewing a subscription
  • Changing a subscription address
  • Giving a gift subscription

Things to know for testing:

  • Access the test site at
  • Use your personal LDS Account and magazine subscription information to test renewing and changing a subscription address.
  • This is a test version of the store, so your order will not actually be placed. Please use the test credit card number 4111111111111111, use a security code of 111, and provide any expiration date in the future.
  • E-mail your feedback to [email protected] with the subject of “Magazine Feedback” before 9 a.m. MST on Friday, June 22.

Thank you for your help. Your feedback will positively affect the way users around the world access magazines.


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