I really enjoyed your article. I guess some people think that in order to be a prophet you must be perfect…untrue. The prophets of the Old Testament were not perfect, thus, I don’t believe people should think Brother Joseph was perfect either. I think sometimes we tend to put people we adore on a pedestal and start thinking they are perfect when in fact they are not. Heavenly Father did not reveal the sacred plates to Joseph until he knew he was mature enough to do what he asked him to do. Anyway when I read about truths that come up in the church that I othewise did not know about, i.e. JS’ 34 wives I stop and think you know he probably had a really good reason for this and not everything you hear is as it appears to sound, we automatically think he had to sleep with all 34 or he did sleep with all 34…I don’t think anywhere that is written, only “assumed.” We weren’t there and we don’t know. The one thing that does bother me, though is that poligomy was against the law and the men went ahead and did it anyway, whereas the articles of faith said we abide by the law of the land…any comments? T.. in Missouri

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