The stock market has been quite the roller coaster the last few weeks. Debt ceiling issues, poor unemployment issues, now the announcement for FREE MONEY TILL 2013!! Now I am not sure how long people feel that we can just keep interest rates at a zero percent and expect our country, our economy to survive. These rates have been so low for the last few years yet nothing is getting better. Things are getting worse. At some point people will realize what the prophets have been teaching for years. Debt is financial prison.

I think of sin as an act or thought contrary to the laws of God. Sure, we can repent of those sins, but it took a Savior to make that possible. Our country, for years now, has fought against (unsuccessfully I might add) against the laws of the economy with respect to debt. We have many "financial sins" that we the people are paying the penalty for, but who is to be our savior? Obama would like to be in that position, but he has shown repeatedly that to be impossible. Congress? Right, they are the ones that got us into this mess.

Can we the people be the saviors of our own country? Who or what can be our savior?

In order for us to receive repentance for our sins, there are certain steps that we must do in order for that repentance to be granted. One of those things is to stop doing the thing that is wrong. The FED needs to stop doing what they are doing wrong. Part of that is free money. The more free money that is put into the system the less the money we have is worth anything. At some point there needs to be a balance so that the system is not abused without reckon, but not so much that every individual is without the reasonable ability to survive. Free money is not that way. It is a Salvation for all mentality that the adversary proposed in the preexistence and is a principle of false hope.
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