Once more we heard in the headlines that someone said that Mormonism is a cult and that Mormons are not Christians.

This time was during the weekend gathering of conservatives GOP presidential candidates. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church in downtown Dallas, was asked by Summit sponsor Family Research Council to introduce Texas Governor Rick Perry. But the Texas pastor captured more headlines than the candidates themselves when, during an interview after the introduction, described Mormonism is a “cult” and said presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is “not a Christian.”

How boring these people are! And I would say they are even malicious. They cannot really have a serious discussion on some more relevant topic and therefore they simply label Mormonism as a “cult” or Mormons as “non-Christians”, and by doing it they believe that the discussion is over and they do not have to justify their statements.

They try to impress  people who are not well informed and who when they hear the word “cult” immediately think of weird people performing group suicide, or human sacrifices, as in the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie.

They are particularly effective with people who believe whatever they are told by their pastors, and who do not make an effort to learn about what Mormonism really is.

It remembers me of the spirit of the old times, the middle ages, when people were labeled as “heretics” and then burned. In our world they cannot burn people physically, but they are following similar principles, labeling someone first, and then feeling free to get rid of him (not physically, but socially, or politically, and so on) because of that label. In the past they would burn people, now they dismiss people as not being a Christian because do not fit their own definition (that is highly questionable, by the way).

I have found a very good website that with a little bit of irony respond properly to this people.

I quote a few parts from www.mormoncult.org by Jeff Lindsey. There is a lot more than what I can use here but yes, according to that website, Mormons are a Cult!

This is the proof:

To determine if Mormons belong to a cult or not, I (meaning Jeff Lindsey) pursued the most scholarly, objective approach I could take. I know that anti-cult ministries recently have crafted their own definitions of “cult” to refer to almost anyone they don’t agree with. But before anti-cult hysteria came into play in the late 1960s and 1970s, how was the word “cult” defined? What did it mean? And did it apply to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (you know, the “Mormon Cult“)?

My first thought was to check the 1828 Webster Dictionary, the definitive early dictionary of the English language. But it did not contain the word “cult” at all. How strange. But the later 1913 edition did. 1913 was still close to the early days of the Church, and long before “cult” became the subject of so much emotion and profit-making ministries. The 1913 Webster Dictionary should give us serious food for though about what “cult” really means – objective, scholarly, unbiased by anti-Mormon hysteria. And guess what? It absolutely proves that many non-Mormon ministers were right all along: Mormons are clearly a cult, by definition – by objective, clear cut, irrefutable, unbiased definition from the most important source for understanding the language of the United States of America, where the Mormon Church / Mormon Cult was founded.

So What Does it Mean? Mormons Are a Cult!

I was shocked by my discovery. There were two definitions given for cult, and both confirmed that Mormons were a cult. Definition one includes “worship,” and definition two is “A system of religious belief and worship.” Do Mormons engage in worship? You bet they do! And do Mormons have “a system of religious belief and worship”? Yes – and there is no way for them to deny it now. In fact, the amazing thing is, they don’t deny it – not when presented with this kind of factual, objective, and scholarly evidence. I will document that in more detail below.

Therefore, Robert Jeffress was right, Mormons are a cult! But guess what? Baptists are a cult too, in fact, they are a system of worship, as the dictionary properly define it.


Look, don’t make life hard on yourself. Once you understand why Mormons are in a cult, you’ll also understand why Baptists are in a cult, why Lutherans are in a cult, why Christians everywhere are part of the “cult of Christ.” Christ was the founder of a cult – and that’s nothing to be scared about, once you understand the real definition.

Of course, there are extreme groups out there that are scary and dangerous, and these groups are often called “cults,” giving that word a more recent frightening nuance. The word is a powerful, emotionally charged tool for condemning another group…

This is the main point and where we see clearly the unfairness and even malicious intents of some of the people who label Mormons as a cult. They are playing with the feelings and impressionability of others who still have a witch-hunts mentality, a mentality that will not do any good to any country, including America, that was built on principles of religious freedom!

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