The FRC shooter . . . bought Chick-fil-A sandwiches to rub on the mouths of the people he intended to kill. He admitted in his guilty plea that he used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map” to target his victims, and police said in his pocket was a list of other anti-gay-marriage organizations he planned to attack after FRC.

Deep state propaganda organs (also called the media) have not raised the hue and cry. They’ve barely even reported it.

The topic dujour at the People’s Republic of Common Consent (slogan: Secular liberalism with Mormon characteristics) is outrage at how oppressive the church is to gay people for teaching the gospel. The topic dujour at the Old Country (slogan: too incoherent to have a slogan) is how oppressive the Boy Scouts are for mandating that adults who take teens camping not be sexually attracted to them. Neither have said anything about the shooter–to be fair, they may not have even heard about it.

Imperial powers have collaborators.

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