A couple of days before general conference, my wife and I lost my keys. Our daughter got into our room and had played with them, and we cleaned the room later that day and so put them away by mistake. We spent hours searching for them before finally finding them. It was frustrating to be stuck without being able to get out of the house. “Even though the car had great potential, without keys, it could not perform its intended function.”

So when I heard Elder Stevenson’s talk, about Priesthood keys, the metaphor resonated with me. Ultimately, without the keys and authority of God, Christ’s church is like the stranded car. All of its incredible potential lies untapped. Keys to direct his work activate God’s power.

When I visit family in Israel, I love going to the Orson Hyde Garden in Jerusalem. I love reflecting on the mission to turn the keys of the priesthood for the gathering of Israel to that land. To me, it is miraculous to think that after centuries of diaspora the gathering of Israel began in full force so soon after this event. As the keys were turned, the spirit of gathering touched the hearts of Jews throughout the world. Eventually that same spirit touched my ancestors and led them to return to the holy land. As one born in the holy land, I’m especially grateful for the turning of the keys of gathering that day.

I’m also grateful to know that “[t]he Lord has shown us that He will not leave us standing in the bitter cold without keys or authority to lead us safely home to Him.” Keys and authority will never be taken from the earth.

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