Scan of Temple Worship book cover
Scan of Temple Worship book cover

I noticed something yesterday that I thought was a good and oxymoronic example of how the adversary likes to distract us from what is important, to divert our attention onto more worldly pursuits, and tempt us to stay away, both in mind and body, from that which is holy.

This image is a scan of the front of the recent Temple Worship book by Dr. Andrew Skinner. I bought it at Seagull Book, and as you can clearly see, it was “15% OFF.” Unfortunately, this large yellow sticker directly covers a beautiful painting entitled Bountiful Temple by Al Rounds. While I am appreciative that the book cost me less than the listed price, such a bold advertisement covers up a lovely representation of the house of the Lord.

While this is likely an unconscious and unintentional cover-up, Satan uses similar tactics to divert our focus away from what God would have us think about, and to concern ourselves with those things of the world. The Adversary would have us believe that money, work, careers, fashions, gold, jewelry, cars, houses, boats, and the like are more important than holy things, particularly our participation in the temple. Don’t let him fool you. Mammon’s concerns are a cover-up of those things which are more important.

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Mammon’s Cover-up

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