You and your blog readers can keep up with the latest posts from Latter-day Saint Blogs and Official Websites of the Church of Jesus Chrost of Latter-day Saints right on your own self-hosted WordPress Blog by adding the Latter-day Saint Blogs widget to the sidebar. (For security reasons, blogs hosted at do not allow scripts like this widget to be added to the sidebar so these instructions only apply if you have your own install of WordPress on your own hosted website)

The widget has a number of options to let you customize how it looks and which tabs are displayed. Here is a live, fully functional preview of the widget:

  1. Go to "Add this gadget to your webpage" on Google.
  2. You will see some options for you to customize how the gadget will look like and what it will show. Change the settings according to your preferences. CLick the "Preview" button to see how it will look with your settings. Make sure that the width is less than the width of your blog's sidebar. Once it looks right, click the "Get the Code" button.
  3. A box will appear containing some javascript. Keep this browser window or tab open so you can copy and paste the code later.
  4. Open a new browser window or tab and go to your blog and login to the wordpress admin system. Then expand the "Appearance" section and click on the "Widgets" management link.
  5. In the list of "Available Widgets", find the one labeled "Text Arbitrary text or HTML" and drag-and-drop it to the position on the sidebar on the right where you want it to appear. If you have multiple sidebars, make sure you drag it into the one you want to display it.
  6. The new Text widget will open up. Go back to the browser window or tab with the code to display the widget and copy it to the clipboard. Then return to the browser window or tab with your wordpress widget management and paste the code into the text box section of the widget. Then click the "Save" button to save your changes and then the "close" link to collapse the widget.
  7. You're done! You should now be able to see the Latter-day Saint blogs gadget in the sidebar of your blog.