I'll be the guest on a talk radio program for two hours this Sunday night, discussing topics like science and the Book of Mormon and what Latter-day Saints ought to know about some popular attacks on the Book of Mormon and the Church. If you're like approximately three other people in North America (hi Mom!), you won't want to miss it!

The program is Van Hale's weekly radio show, with Don Ormsby as the host this time. It's broadcast from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Mountain Time by the Voice of Utah, K-Talk Radio (AM 630 in the Salt Lake market) with streaming audio on the Internet, available at www.k-talk.com (click on the yellow "Listen Now!" button at the top right) or via mms://stream.netro.ca/ktkk (the latter will launch a media player like Real Player for streaming audio).

Please call in with your questions, or send them by email. Call in numbers are:


Email to the show on-the-air may be sent to: van.hale@k-talk.com.
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