On the New Era’s Web site you can now find a link to a gallery of Mormonads arranged by topic. These ads use visual and word associations to reinforce gospel teachings, and over the years they have achieved something of an iconic status in the Church experience of many youth. This new gallery gives users a convenient way to browse through the ads in order to find one for a lesson, a desktop wallpaper, the fridge, or simply for fun or nostalgia. We’ve all seen them, and no doubt each of us can remember at least one that stood out for some reason. Sometimes you’ll see one and it will remind you of someone you know who is struggling with a problem or who needs encouragement. Or you might see a message that a friend or family member would find particularly humorous, relevant, or interesting. Browse through the gallery, find an ad, and paste it into an e-mail. By sharing a Mormonad you can send a sincere, heartfelt message that is less intimidating for some people than an entire magazine article might be.  Thanks to David Edwards of the New Era for his work on the gallery of Mormonads and for his help with this posting.

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