… or when your parents married, or on some other date that matters to you? Who were the apostles? What was published in the magazines? How many stakes existed? What lessons were the auxiliaries teaching? What newsworthy events happened?

I’d like to do a few posts about the general state of the Church on 20th century dates that matter to Keepa readers.

If you would like me to focus on a month that is significant to you, please write to me at Keepapitchinin at AOL dot com (note that the blog name ends “inin,” not just “in”) and tell me what 20th century date you care about, and why. The “why” will let me frame the post so that other readers care about that date – give me a hundred words or so about your life or your family history, or how you might use the material I post, something I can quote from (if you prefer, I don’t have to disclose your name or pseudonym). If there is something you’re particularly interested in – the Church in a particular region, or whether BYU was having a winning season – tell me that, too.

If there is a large response, priority will go to those who comment on Keepa from time to time (it’s never too late to start, lurkers!) and those who give me the best “why” material to draw from.

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