provides a simple program that let you enter an address anywhere in the world and find the nearest LDS meetinghouse (place of worship). We are pleased to announce an upgrade to this program, which can be accessed beginning today through many links on and, as well as directly at

This upgraded program provides many new features not available previously, including:

  • A more visual, dynamic user experience. You can enter an address or simply point to a location on a map.
  • On the map, you can switch between road, satellite, or aerial views. You can also zoom in or out and drag the map around.
  • You can switch between Google and Microsoft maps to get the best map for a given location.
  • When you search for a location, results are provided in two categories: “Closest Meetinghouses” shows the three meetinghouse locations physically nearest to your location. “Assigned Congregations” displays a list of available congregations you may attend for the selected location, such as language-specific wards/branches, Young Single Adult (YSA) units, and Student wards.
  • You can select a ward/branch and get additional contact information (such as phone numbers), go to the unit Web site, or get driving directions.
  • In places where accurate street information does not exist, you can locate meetinghouse chapels by using the “Place Marker” on the map to select the location rather than typing an address.
  • also works on mobile devices through a simplified user interface.
  • If you find a data error, you can report it directly using the Feedback button on the page.
  • With each new selection, information on the page changes without reloading, thus speeding up response time.
  • When you find a location, you can send a link to it to a friend.
  • You can access the program directly at

Please feel free to try this new program and share it with your friends and neighbors.  Feedback, suggestions, and corrections to the data are welcomed and encouraged by using the Feedback link on the application.

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