Deseret Book: the publisher we love to hate. Well, don’t we? For generations Deseret Book has published books and other materials unique to our culture that no mainstream publisher would have touched – we love them. We don’t like much of what they sell, and they won’t publish much that we would like – we hate them. But like our sometimes generous uncles or too-kissy aunts, Deseret Book is ours, a member of the family, and we keep running into her whenever the family gets together.

Deseret Book descends from the pioneer publishing empire of George Q. Cannon, who, with his sons and assorted others, printed the Deseret News newspaper, did job printing for the public, published many of the tracts used by missionaries, and published the Juvenile Instructor beginning in 1866. Eventually they opened a bookstore on Salt Lake’s Main Street, where they sold their own publications and books imported from elsewhere.

Cannon died in 1901, and the bookstore end of the operation was sold to the company then publishing the Deseret News; it remained in its Main Street headquarters and operated under the name “Deseret News Bookstore.” In 1909, the Sunday School auxiliary – uncorrelated and independently – decided to go into the book publishing business, and opened a book store on Salt Lake’s South Temple street. That was called the “Deseret Sunday School Union Book Store,” although they didn’t limit themselves to materials directly relevant to the Sunday Schools – this ad suggests that they published textbooks used by the LDS University (an early 20th-century institution occupying the site of the current Church Office Building), or at least “GOOD BOOKS” in general.

In 1919, the DSSU Book Store married the Deseret News Bookstore. Our familiar crazy aunt, Deseret Book, was born in 1920, in the old family home on South Temple. She has lived on that site ever since (although she is now in temporary quarters nearby while the block is being rebuilt from the ground up).

And with that genealogy, Keepapitchinin presents yet another book list, this time the very first catalog of Deseret Book Company (which is apparently so big that WordPress can’t handle it with all the codes; please mentally center all the headings).


L.D.S. Church Publications

Bibles and Miscellaneous Books

January, 1922


44-46-48 East on South Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah

You will help us give you Better and Prompter Service by observing the following Rules

1. No supplies will be charged to any company or organization unless properly signed by a duly authorized officer of such organization.

2. Write all orders plainly. State clearly what books or supplies you want, and how many, also how you wish them sent. If by Express, give name of your Express office.

3. Do not write any other communications on the same sheet with your order.

4. School and other organization supplies POSITIVELY WILL NOT BE CHARGED in the name of individuals. Teachers are therefore requested to SEND MONEY WITH THEIR ORDERS.

5. IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE WE HAVE A REQUEST TO MAKE OF OUR PATRONS. It is this: On account of the expense attached to the handling of small accounts, we will appreciate it if money can be sent with all orders for less than $1.00; but if your School needs some small items and does not have the money on hand, do not hesitate to order. We might suggest that by ascertaining in advance what your various departments are going to need, the orders could be sent in together.

WE DO NOT send books or other merchandise out to be sold on commission; neither do we send out any items on approval.

Discounts are allowed only on wholesale orders from Dealers, Agents or School Boards. There is no discount on Sunday School, Quorum or Ward supplies from the prices quoted in this catalog.

Address all orders to


44 East on South Temple - Salt Lake City, Utah

Catalog and Price List

The word “Net means that postage must be added to the price given

Standard Church Works

New Edition of the Book of Mormon – Just off the press. It now appears in new and attractive dress, with innovations in make-up and typography. As only mechanical changes have been made, of course; the text remains the same.

It is set up in eight-point type, double-column pages, after the general style of the Bible. An advantage of this arrangement is a shorter line, which greatly facilitates reading, reducing eyestrain and fatigue.

An interesting feature of the new edition is a “Brief Analysis,” which emphasizes vital points and clarifies certain details of arrangement that would be otherwise obscure. The volume abounds in foot-notes, which are a very helpful key to the chronological sequence of the history. The chapter headings present in terse form, the principal contents of the respective chapters, and show at a glance whose words follow. These headings, in somewhat expanded form, are compiled in the after-part of the volume as a “Synopsis of Chapters.”

A glossary of words distinctly of Book of Mormon origin, will be a great aid to pronunciation of proper names and other words. But the greatest help of all is afforded by a comprehensive index, which fills 34 pages; subjects being indexed and cross-indexed.

Missionary Edition cloth . . . .75

Cloth Embossed . . . 1.50

Three-Quarters Keratol . . . 2.00

Full Keratol, Red Edge, Flexible . . . 2.50

Full Morocco, Flexible, Red Undergold Edges . . . 3.00

India Paper, French Morocco, Divinity Circuit, Gold Edges . . . 3.50

Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price – India Paper, Morocco, Divinity Circuit . . . 5.00

Each book in the above combination is of the new issue.

Combined India paper, Liverpool Edition – Contains Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, Levant, Divinity Circuit Gilt Edges, No. 1 . . . 4.00

The same bound in genuine Morocco, Leather lined Divinity Circuit, Gilt Edges . . . 4.50

Book of Mormon – Vest Pocket size, printed on India paper, divinity Circuit . . . 1.75

Book of Mormon – Large print, family or pulpit size. Reduced to

Cloth . . . 1.50

Leather . . . 2.50

Leather Gilt . . . 4.00

Book of Mormon in Foreign Languages

Das Buch Mormon (German Book of Mormon)

Cloth . . . 1.00

Leather . . . 1.50

Libro de Mormon (Spanish Book of Mormon) – New edition.

Cloth . . . 1.50

Le Livre de Mormon (French Book of Mormon).

Leather limp . . . 1.00

Divinity Circuit, Leather Lined, Gold Edges . . . 2.00

O Le Tusi A Mamona … .50

Te Buka A Moromona (Tahitian Book of Mormon)

Leather Gilt . . . 3.50

Ka Buke A Moramona (Hawaiian Book of Mormon)

Half Leather . . . 1.75

Mormons Bok (Swedish Book of Mormon)

Half Leather . . . 1.50

Japanese Book of Mormon

Cloth . . . 1.00

Doctrine and Covenants

We announce a new issue of the Doctrine and Covenants, with double column pages, index and other helps, conforming in general to the style and arrangement of the latest edition of the Book of Mormon.

The text of the Doctrine and Covenants is preceded by an “Explanatory Introduction,” comprising in concise form the essential facts relating to the history of this sacred volume of latter-day revelation. Another introductory feature is the “Chronological Order of Contents” in which the several sections are listed with date and place relating to each. Each section is introduced by a comprehensive heading, in which are stated the circumstances under which the particular section was given. An extended “Index and Concordance” is included.

Doctrine and Covenants - Library edition

Cloth . . . 1.00

Library edition, full leather . . . 2.50

Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price – Combined, Bible paper, morocco, divinity circuit boxed . . . 3.00

The Pearl of Great Price in this combination is also provided with a copious index and other helps not hitherto published.

Doctrine and Covenants Combined with Pearl of Great Price – Vest pocket size India paper, Divinity Circuit, Gold Edges . . . 1.75

Doctrine and Covenants – large print, family or pulpit size. Reduced to

Cloth . . . 1.50

Leather . . . 2.50

Leather Gilt . . . 4.00

Die Lehre und Bundnisse – (German Doctrine and Covenants)

Cloth . . . 1.00

Leather . . . 1.50

Leather Gilt . . . 2.00

Forbundets Book – (Swedish Doctrine and Covenants)

Cloth . . . 1.00

Leather . . . 1.50

Laerdommens og Pagtens Bog – (Danish Doctrine and Covenants)

Cloth . . . 1.00

Leather . . . 1.50

Morocco Gilt . . . 2.50

Pearl of Great Price – A selection from the revelations, translations and narrations of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Divided into chapters and verses with references, in 1902, by Dr. James E. Talmage.

Cloth . . . .50

Leather . . . 1.00

Leather gilt . . . 1.75

Pulpit Set – Contains Large size Book of Mormon, large size Doctrine and Covenants, standard size Pearl of Great Price.

All in Leather, Extra Gilt binding, and a $5.50 No. 2014 S. reference Bible; large clear type. Gilt Edges. Special net price to Wards . . . 14.00

The same with an $8.45 No. 01620 Bible for . . . 16.75

with a $10.00 No. 03640 Bible for . . . 18.00

Doctrinal and Works of Reference


Voice of Warning – and Instruction to all people. An introduction to the Faith and Doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Missionary . . . .15

cloth, stiff covers . . . .40

Leather . . . .75

Key to the Science of Theology – on Spiritual, Philosophy, Religion, Law and Government.

Cloth . . . .40

Leather . . . .75

Leather Gilt . . . 1.75


Joseph Smith’s Teachings – A Classified arrangement of The Doctrinal Sermons and Writings of the Great Latter-day Prophet. Compiled by Edwin F. Parry. This book will prove invaluable to Missionaries and members of the Priesthood.

Cloth binding … .85

The Way of Eternal Life – Doctrines and Ordinances of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Written especially for young people.

Cloth … .75

Sketches of Missionary Life – Interesting anecdotes and experiences from missions abroad.

Cloth … .50

Spencer’s Letters – Orson Spencer’s reply to the Rev. Wm. Crowell, A.M., Boston, Mass., on the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Cloth … .50

Leather … .75

Leather Gilt … 1.00

Calf Grain Gilt … 1.00

Morocco, Extra Gilt … 1.50

Compendium of the Doctrines of the Gospel – By Franklin D. Richards and James A. Little.

Cloth … 1.00

Leather … 1.50

Ready References – A Compilation of Bible Texts arranged in subjective order, with annotations. Revised by Dr. Jas. E. Talmage.

India Paper Stiff Cloth … .50

Ready References – (Book of Mormon).

Cloth … .50

Leather, limp … 1.00

Practical References – By Louis A. Kelsch.

Paper … .15

Leatherette net … .50

Catechism for Children – By John Jaques. Illustrating the Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Paper … .15

Board … .20

Cloth … .25

Bunner-Rich Debate – By Ben E. Rich … .25


2000 Gospel Quotations – From the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Compiled by Elder Henry H. Rolapp.

Cloth … 1.25

The Elders’ Manual – Invaluable Aid to Missionaries.

Cloth … .50

Gospel Philosophy – The harmony of the Gospel with science and history and compared with the absurdities of infidelity, by J.H. Ward … .60

The Hand of Providence – This book shows the dealing of God with Nations and individuals during the time of great apostasy, an illustrated work of 215 pages, by J.H. Ward.

Cloth … .25


“Mormon” Doctrine – A plain and simple explanation of the principles of the gospel.

Cloth … .25

Blood Atonement – The doctrine as understood by Latter-day Saints … .20

Rays of Living Light – Contains twelve tracts on doctrinal subjects … .15


Outlines of Ecclesiastical History

 Leather Gilt … 2.75

New Witnesses for God – Vol. I. In four Theses.

1st. The world needs a new Witness for God.

2nd. The Church of Christ was destroyed. There has been an apostasy from the Christian religion so universal as to make necessary a New Dispensation of the gospel.

3rd. The Scriptures declare that the gospel of Jesus Christ in the last days will be restored to the earth by a re-opening of the heavens, and giving a New Dispensation thereof to the children of men.

4th. Joseph Smith is a prophet divinely authorized to preach the Gospel and re-establish the Church of Jesus Christ on earth.

Cloth … 1.50

Lea[ther] gilt … 2.50

Vols. II and III. A Treatise in Four Parts.

I. The value of the Book of Mormon as a witness for the authenticity and integrity of the Bible; and the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

II. The discovery of the Book of Mormon and its translation – migrations, lands, intercontinental movements, civilizations, governments and the religions of its peoples.

III. Evidences of the Truth of the Book of Mormon.

IV. Objections to the Book of Mormon.

Cloth, each … 1.50

Leather gilt, each … 2.50

The Gospel – Man’s Relation to Deity

Cloth … 1.00

Leather Gilt … 1.50

Leather, Extra Gilt … 2.00

Joseph Smith, the Prophet-Teacher – Printed in two colors; a neat and valuable gift book, cloth embossed … .85

Missouri Persecutions – Written with the object in view of placing in the hands of the youth of the Latter-day Saints a full statement of the persecutions endured by the early members of the Church in this last dispensation, that they may be made acquainted with the sacrifices which their fathers have made for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Cloth … 1.25

Leather Gilt … 2.50

Rise and Fall of Nauvoo – A companion volume and stands in historical sequence to the “Missouri Persecutions,” and written with the same object in view.

Cloth … 1.25

Leather Gilt … 2.50

The Mormon Doctrine of Deity – The discussion between B.H. Roberts and Rev. Van Der Donckt, also a discourse on Jesus Christ the Revelation of God.

Cloth … 1.00

Leather … 1.50

Leather, Extra Gilt … 2.00

Defense of the Faith and the Saints – In two volumes. A choice selection from the author’s best discourses, writings and papers as delivered from the pulpit and contributed to magazines and newspapers. A masterly defense of the people, their faith and practice.

Cloth, each … 1.50

Leather Gilt, each … 2.50

Life of President John Taylor

Half Cloth … 2.00

Half Leather … 2.50

Full Leather, Gilt … 3.00

Morocco, Extra Gilt … 4.00

Mormonism – Its Origin and History

Paper … .10

Succession in the Presidency – of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Paper … .30

Cloth … .50

Leather … .75

Leather Gilt … 1.25

Scrap Book of Mormon Literature – A compilation of religious tracts and pamphlets written by the early as well as present authorities of the Church. For distribution in the mission fields, most of these are now out of print. It has an elaborate index arranged by doctrinal subjects, making it invaluable to missionaries and students of the Gospel. Two large handsome volumes, published by President Ben E. Rich of the Eastern States Mission.

The set, 2 Vols. containing 1120 pages … 3.50

Succession of Joseph II. Is Joseph III the True Successor of Joseph the Prophet? – By O.A. Murdock.

Cloth … .50

The Reign of the Anti-Christ – By J.M. Sjodahl.

Paper … .25

Cloth … .50


Scientific Aspects of Mormonism – The subject is discussed from a philosophic aspect, showing what answer Mormonism gives to the questions, “Whence came man?” “Why is he here?” “Whither does he tend?” at the same time making comparisons step by step with what modern scientific thought teaches along the same lines.

Cloth … 1.50

The Mormon Point of View – 412 pages of logical Mormon views.

Cloth … 1.00

Leather … 1.50

Preaching and Public Speaking – Written while Professor of Rhetoric and Elocution in the B.Y. University, Provo. A protest against abuses and a course of instructions whereby they may be overcome. A great aid to L.D.S. missionaries and public speakers. Second and revised edition.

Cloth … 1.25

Half Leather … 1.75


John Stevens’ Courtship -“A Story of the Echo Canyon War” – a story of love, war and triumph of truth.

Cloth … 1.00

Lydia Knight’s History

Cloth … .25

Heroines of “Mormondom” – Contains interesting sketches of sisters who have proved themselves worthy of respect and honor.

Cloth … .25

History of the Young Ladies’ Mutual Improvement Association

Cloth … .75

Surname Book and Racial History

Cloth … 2.00

Infancy of the Church – By Andrew Jenson and Edward Stevenson … .50

Reminiscences of the Prophet Joseph Smith – By Edward Stevenson … .50


The Story of the Book of Mormon – New Edition (Illustrated.)

Cloth, Spe[cial] … 1.00

Concordance of the Book of Mormon – Large quarto 851 pages.

Cloth, special … 4.00

Leather … 5.00

Dictionary of the Book of Mormon – With pronouncing vocabulary. by Prof. John M. Mills.

Cloth … 1.25

After Twenty Years – A dissertation on the Philosophy of Life in narrative form. by Geo. W. Middleton, M.D.

Cloth … 1.50


Gospel Doctrine – Selections from the Writings and Sermons of President Joseph F. Smith. Adopted as a Text Book for the Higher Priesthood Quorums and general study of the Gospel. It contains 700 pages, handsomely bound.

Cloth … 2.00

India Paper Edition. Pocket size, 3-3/4×5-3/4.

No. 1, French Morocco, cut flush edges, red under gold … 2.50

No. 2, French Morocco, Divinity Circuit, red under gold edges … 3.00

No. 3. turkey Morocco, Divinity Circuit red under gold edges, leather lined to edge … 4.00


Articles of Faith – A comprehensive treatment of the Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 485 pages.

Cloth … 1.00

Leather … 1.50

Leather, Extra Gilt … 2.50

Vest Pocket Edition. Divinity Circuit. India Paper … 1.75

New India Paper Edition – Standard size type in following styles:

No. 1. French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edges, head band and marker, linen lined … 2.50

No. 2. French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edges, head band and marker, leather lined to edge … 3.00

No. 3. Turkey Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edges, head band and marker, leather lined to edge … 4.00

Jesus, the Christ – A study of the Messiah, and His Mission according to Holy Scriptures, both Ancient and Modern. Well printed in large type, 804 pages.

Bound in Half Leather … 1.50

New India Paper Edition

No. 1. French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edges, head band and marker, cloth lined … 2.50

No. 2. French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edges, head band and marker, leather lined to edge … 3.00

No. 3. turkey Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edges, head band and marker, leather lined to edge … 4.00

The Great Apostasy – A Treatment of the Apostasy from the Church of Christ. “Considered in the Light of Scriptural and Secular History.” this work is indispensable to missionaries and other students of the gospel.

Pamphlet form … .15

Standard library size, 176 pages … .60

The House of the Lord – A complete description of the Salt Lake Temple and a treatment of Temples and Temple ordinances with fifty full page illustrations of the interior, 366 pages.

Decorated cloth binding … 1.50

The Story and Philosophy of “Mormonism” – 146 pages. comprising “The Story” as told in addresses at Cornell and Michigan Universities and elsewhere, followed by an address delivered at the Panama-Pacific Exposition, entitled, “The Philosophical Basis of ‘Mormonism.’”

Paper … .35

Cloth … .60

The Vitality of Mormonism – Brief Essays of the Distinctive Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [illeg] pages.

Cloth, reduced to … 1.00

First Book of Nature – Cloth … .50

Domestic Science – Cloth … .75

Great Salt Lake – Present and past, with historic and scientific data. Illustrations and maps. Paper … .35


Rational Theology – As taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by Dr. John A. Widtsoe.

Paper … .25

Concordance to the Doctrine and Covenants

Cloth … 1.00

Leather … 1.25

Joseph Smith as Scientist - A contribution to “Mormon” Philosophy.

Cloth … 1.00


Added Upon – (8th Edition) a story of the past, present and future.

Cloth … .85

The Castle Builder – Temporarily out of print.

“A Daughter of the North” – The story of a Norwegian girl’s trials and triumphs. Illustrated.

Cloth … .85

Young Folks’ History of the Church – A New and revised edition (fully illustrated). A text book for Young People’s Associations.

Cloth … .75

Marcus King, Mormon – A charming religious story in eleven chapters.

Paper … .30

Cloth … .75

Piney Ridge Cottage – A story of a Mormon Country Girl. A pure, wholesome Mormon love story – intensely interesting … .85

Story of Chester Lawrence – A sequel to “Piney Ridge Cottage.”

Cloth … .85

Romance of a Missionary – A story of English Life and Missionary Experiences.

Cloth … .85

John St. John – A thrilling story of a young man who passed through the soul-stirring scenes of Missouri and Illinois.

Cloth … .85

The Boys of Spring Town – This is strictly a boy’s story, told in a most fascinating style by this gifted writer of stories for the young. Illustrated.

Cloth … 1.00

Dorian – Nephi Anderson’s new book, a charming story; dramatic situations, high ideals.

Cloth … 1.00

Women of the Bible – By Willard Done.

Cloth … 1.00

Quiet Chats on Mormonism – By Henry W. Naisbitt. A series of dialogues in the form of conversations between a Mormon Elder and some of the enquirers after the truth – a valuable and interesting work.

Paper … .50


Ancient Apostles – This book contains 241 pages of text matter, an appendix of 28 pages, 16 full-page half tone illustrations and four full-page maps in colors.

Bound in Cloth … 1.25


What It Means to Be a Mormon – Contains the reasons for believing Mormonism. Written in a style to attract and interest the young.

Cloth bound … .75

No discount for quantity

Fundamental Problems in Teaching Religion – Designed for Quorum Instructions and auxiliary class teachers of the Church

An Outline Study of the Principles of the Gospel – Designed for Quorum Instructors and Auxiliary Class Teachers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. … .35

First Steps in Church Government – By Joseph B. Keeler. A text book for the Lesser Priesthood.

Cloth … .50

Leather gilt … 1.50

Church Chronology – By Andrew Jenson. New Edition, which adds 15 years to the first original edition printed, also an improved index.

Cloth … 2.00

Tobacco and Human Efficiency – By Dr. Frederick J. Pack, Deseret Professor of Geology, University of Utah.

Cloth … 1.00


The Restoration of the Gospel – It presents at the outset that something has been restored. it relates how this something was restored. Every missionary of the Church has met these two questions: What was restored? How was it restored? These two questions are clearly answered in this work, making it invaluable to missionaries and students of the Gospel.

Cloth … .75

What Jesus Taught – Contains 336 pages; 41 full page half-tone illustrations. This book treats of the doctrine and teachings of the Savior from our viewpoint.

Cloth … 1.25


Mediation and Atonement

Cloth … .75

Leather … 1.25

History of the Church – Volumes I, II, III, IV, V and VI. Published by the Church and prepared by the Church Historian, with introduction and notes by B.H. Roberts.

Cloth, Each … 1.50

Half Calf, Gilt Top … 2.50

Half Morocco, Gilt Top … 2.50

Full Morocco, Gilt … 4.00


Essentials in Church History– A History of the Church from the birth of the Prophet to the present time, in ONE LARGE VOLUME of 700 pages, suitably illustrated with portraits of the leaders, early scenes and documents and historical value, and original maps, showing the travels of the Church from its organization to its establishment in the mountains; also the route of the famous Mormon Battalion to the Pacific Coast.

In addition to the material rise and progress of the Church, this interesting work treats upon essentials in doctrine, Priesthood, Authority; the development of the leading teachings in this dispensation, temple work, etc.

This book is adopted as a text for the study of the Melchizedek Priesthood and for the Priests in the Aaronic Priesthood.

It is well printed and handsomely bound, and sold at the special low price of … 1.50

Origin of the Reorganized Church: The Question of Succession – New and revised edition with complete notes.

Paper … .30

Cloth … .50

Blood Atonement and Origin of Plural Marriage – A discussion between Elder Joseph Fielding Smith and Mr. Richard C. Evans.

Paper … .25

The Reorganized Church vs. Salvation for the Dead. … .05


The Life of Joseph Smith the Prophet – Large octavo vol. of 550 pages, ably written and illustrated with steel plate engravings of the Prophet and his brother Hyrum.

Cloth … 2.00

Leather Gilt … 4.00

Latter-day Prophet: A Young People’s History of Joseph Smith – It was the author’s desire through life to aid in giving the young Latter-day Saints so much that is good and pure in literature that they will have no excuse for reading that which is trashy or improper. Illustrated.

Cloth, embossed … .75

My First Mission – A narrative of personal experience as a missionary upon the Sandwich Islands … .25

The Life of Nephi – The son of Lehi, who emigrated from Jerusalem, in Judea, to the land now known as South America six centuries before the coming of the Savior.

Cloth … .25

L.D.S. Encyclopedia, Vol. III. – By Andrew Jenson … 10.00

History of the Prophet Joseph Smith, By his mother, Lucy Smith, as revised by George A. Smith and Elias Smith. (Out of print. To be re-issued.)


Life of Brigham Young

Paper … .25

Cloth … .50

Leather … .75

Leather Gilt … 1.00

Brief History of the church – New edition.

Paper … .25

Cloth … .50

Leather … .75

Leather, Gilt … 1.00

The Apostles of Jesus Christ – Contains 284 pages of text matter, 13 full page half-tone illustrations, and three maps in color. A study of the lessons in this text will give the students a comprehensive knowledge of the Apostolic Age.

Cloth … 1.00


The Making of a State – A School History of Utah.

Cloth … 1.00

Whitney’s History of Utah – Set of three large volumes, bound in full Morocco extra gilt for … 15.00

Popular History of Utah – Complete in one volume. Illustrated. Utah from pre-pioneer days to December, 1916.

Cloth … 2.00

Half Morocco … 2.50

Saturday Night Thoughts – A series of dissertations on Spiritual, Historical and Philosophical themes. By Orson F. Whitney, of the council of the twelve. The book is designated for use in L.D.S. schools and seminaries, but as the Themes in this work are calculated to stimulate study and deep reflection of Gospel truths, it will be prized by the thoughtful reader everywhere. Handsomely bound in cloth, embossed in gold … 1.00

Poetical Writings

Cloth … 1.00

Leather Gilt … 1.50

Morocco, Extra Gilt … 2.00

Love and the Light – An Idyl of the Westland. A love story, into which the religious experience of both hero and heroine is interwoven – such is “Love and the Light.” Illustrated and handsomely bound in cloth … 1.25

Elias, An Epic of the Ages – A new annotative edition.

Cloth … .60

Half Leather … 1.25

Life of Heber C. Kimball

Cloth … 2.00

Half Leather gilt … 3.00

Mormon Prophet’s Tragedy – A review of an article by the late John Hay.

Paper … .25

Cloth … .50


The Man of Tomorrow – Discussions of vocational Success with the Boy of Today. Profusely illustrated and handsomely bound … 1.50

Mr. Durant, of Salt Lake City – “That Mormon.” – By Ben E. Rich. Cloth, handsomely bound beveled cover, embossed in gold … .50

Wonderlands of the Wild West – By Hon. A.B. Carlton

Cloth … 2.00

From Kirtland to Salt Lake – By James A. Little (262 pages, illustrated.)

Cloth … 1.50

Forty Years Among the Indians – By Daniel W. Jones. 400 pages.

Cloth … 1.00

Leather … 2.00

leather Gilt … 2.50

Indian depredations in Utah – A History of the Black Hawk and other Indian Wars in Utah. Illustrated. Peter Gottfredsen.

Cloth … 1.50

Historical and Descriptive Sketch – Of the Salt Lake Temple, including the dedicatory prayer … .10


From Plowboy to Prophet – Illustrations by L.A. Ramsey. A complete history of the Prophet Joseph Smith, for children in the primary and intermediate grades … .65

Mother Stories from the Book of Mormon – A collection of stories for the children. Fully illustrated.

Stiff Board. … .65

The Making of a “Mormon”

Paper … .10

Brief History of the Prophet – By himself.

Cloth … .25

Why I Believe the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God – … .10

The Great Temple – By D.M. McAllister. New illustrated edition, gives views of interior of the Salt Lake Temple … .25

Pioneering the West from 1846 to 1848 – Major Howard Egan’s Diary, written while crossing the plains with Pres. Brigham Young’s Pioneer company, 1847, and Other Sketches … 1.75

Martyrdom of Joseph Standing – By John Nicholson. (Only a few copies left.)

Cloth … .75

William Clayton’s Journal – A daily record of the journey of the original company of “Mormon” Pioneers, under Pres. Brigham Young, from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.

This record, although written in 1847, has remained practically hidden until July 17th of this year, when it came off the press.

Cloth … 2.00

Full Leather … 3.25

Same with gilt edges … 3.50

Branches That Run Over the Wall – A book of Mormon poems and other writings by that gifted writer of poetry and stories for the Young, Louisa L. Green Richards.

Cloth … 1.50

Memoirs of John R. Young – Utah Pioneer of 1847 – written by himself. An interesting narrative of frontier life in Utah, Arizona and Old Mexico; also sketches of his experience on foreign missions for the church.

Cloth … 1.50

Venna Hastings – A story of an Eastern Mormon Convert, by Julia Farr … 1.25

The Great Experience – an interesting story founded on facts, by Julia Farr.

Cloth … 1.50

Cities of the Sun – By Elizabeth Rachel Cannon – Seven short romances founded on the Book of Mormon History … .35

The Martyrs – An account of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. By L.O. Littlefield … .25


How to Teach Religion – An excellent aid to teachers in all organizations and especially valuable to missionaries.

Cloth … .50

The Spoken Word, a manual of story telling and public speaking, including debating.

Cloth … .75

Black Gypsy and Other Stories – .25



Cloth … 1.00


Cloth … .75

Art Buckram … 1.50

The Pioneer Trail

Cloth … 1.00

A Play House

Art Buckram binding … 1.00


Wild Roses – A Tale of the Rockies: deals with the wild West during that fascinating time when the forces of civilization were just breaking into the beautiful mountain valleys near the Yellowstone Country. The author, who took part in this picturesque drama, caught its spirit first hand and reflects it truly, vividly with artistic skill.

Cloth … 1.25

The Art of Teaching – A Teachers’ Training Course designed for Quorum Instructors and Auxiliary Class Teachers of the Church.

Paper … .50

The White Indian Boy – The story of Uncle Nick Among the Shoshones, by E.N. Wilson. Edited and revised by Howard R. Driggs, Professor of Education, University of Utah. Illustrated with original drawings. An interesting and attractive story of life among the Indians. The life story of a boy who was adopted by the mother of the chief of the tribe.

Cloth … 1.40

By Mail … 1.50


Hymn Book – Edition in large type.

Cloth … .50

Roan … 1.00

Roan limp … 1.25

Leather Gilt … 1.50

Morocco, Extra Gilt … 2.00

Special Bindings. – Round Corners, Red under Gold Edges … 1.50

No. 1 Flexible Morocco Round Corners, Red under Gold Edges … 1.50

No. 4, Turkey Morocco, divinity Circuit, Red under Gold edges … 2.00

Y.M.M.I.A. and Missionary Hymn and Tune Book – A collection of favorite hymns and songs set to music. Compiled and arranged by Prof. E. Stephens.

Price, per single copy … .25

Per dozen … 2.40

Deseret S.S. Songs – Designed especially for S

unday School use. Contains 295 songs. It is an excellent collection of songs for the Sunday School, Church service or for the home.

Cloth each … .75

In lots of one dozen or more … 8.00

One dozen or over, when cash accompanies order … 7.00

Congregational Hymns, L.D.S. – Arranged by Prof. Henry E. Giles

Each … .50

Per dozen … 4.00

Songs of Zion – Contains 265 hymns and songs especially selected for use in the missionary field.

Cloth … .75

Leather … 1.50

Zions Sange – Danish Songs of Zion.

Cloth … .75

Leather, limp … 1.00

Zions Sanger – Swedish Songs of Zion.

Cloth … .75

Leather, limp … 1.00

The Psalmody – with music for every hymn in the hymn book.

Cloth … 1.25

Half Leather … 1.50

Temple Anthems – Vol. I. compiled by Evan Stephens. contains twenty popular anthems. Suitable for all ward choirs.

Single copies … .50

Per dozen … 5.00

Temple Anthems – Vol. II. Edited by Prof. Evan Stephens. An entire new collection of popular anthems. Bound similar to Vol. I.

Each … .50

Per dozen … 5.00

Five Favorite Anthems – By Evan Stephens. Third Edition. Bound in one book, consisting of Song of The Redeemed, Let The Mountains Shout for Joy, Grant Us Peace Oh Lord, In Our Redeemer’s Name, and Hosannah Anthems.

Per Copy … .30

Per dozen … 3.00

Gates Modern Anthems … .65

Any music written can be obtained at publishers’ prices.


Musings and Memories – Poems by Emmeline B. Wells, handsome Cloth binding. Gilt Top … 1.50


My First Mission – Personal experience as a missionary upon the Sandwich Islands … .25

Leaves from My Journal – A description of the wonderful missionary experience and many interesting incidents of the life of President Wilford Woodruff. New and enlarged edition.

Paper … .25

Cloth … .50

A String of Pearls – containing a number of interesting sketches and anecdotes of missionary life, including Elder W.C. Staines’ Life Among the Ponca Indians, etc. … .25

Jacob Hamblin, “Leatherstocking of the Southwest.” – A narrative of his personal experience, as a Frontiersman, trail-blazer, missionary to the Indians and explorer, disclosing interpositions of Providence, severe privations, perilous situations and remarkable escapes.

Paper … .35

Cloth … .50

Fragments of Experience – The experience of elders … .25

President Heber C. Kimball’s Journal … .25

Early Scenes in Church History … .25

Scraps of Biography – A sketch of an Elder’s life, and Newel Knight’s Journal … .25

Labors in the Vineyard – Containing incidents that are valuable … .25

Eventful Narratives – Contains the pieces: “Leaving Home;” “A Boy’s Love;” “A Man’s Devotion” and “A Remarkable Trip to Carson Valley” … .25

Helpful Visions – Filled with instructive manifestations of the Lord to his children … .25

Select Writings – By William Halls.

Cloth … 1.00

Precious Memories – by Geo. C. Lambert.

Cloth … .50

Treasures in Heaven – By Geo. C. Lambert.

Cloth … .50


Prophesies of Joseph Smith and Their Fulfillment – Illus. with facsimiles of manuscripts and prints of early publications establishing the dates of the various prophesies and revelations. Adopted in the M.I.A. Reading Course for 1920-21. Handsomely bound in

Cloth … 1.25

Leather Gilt … 2.50

Readings and Recitations – Compiled by J.H. Paul, a valuable book for entertainments … .50

Thrilling Experiences by Solomon F. Kimball … .50

Life of David P. Kimball, and other sketches by Solom[on] F. Kimball. Illustrated.

Bound in cloth … 1.00

Life of D.W. Patten, Second edition. By L.A. Wilson, containing his remarkable interview with Cain.

Board … .20

Dictionary of the Bible. Wm. Smith, L.L.D. … 2.00

Illustrated Bible Treasury – … 1.00

Works of Josephus

Cloth … 2.50

Leather … 4.00

Harmony of the Four Gospels – … .60

The Person of Christ – By Philip Schaff … 1.00

How to Read the Bible – By J.P. Smyth … 1.00

How We Got Our Bible – By J.P. Smyth … 1.00

Name stamped in gold .35 extra per book; each additional line … .35


Joseph Smith Memorial – Gives a detailed account of the visit of President Smith and party to the dedication of Prophet Joseph Smith’s monument.

Paper … .25

Cloth … .60

Mormons and the Theatre – The history of theatricals in Utah, by John S. Lindsay …


Life and Labors of E.R. Snow Smith – with a full account of her funeral services … .05

Conference Pamphlets – Containing full proceedings of the general conferences of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including verbatim reports of the sermons delivered.

Per copy … .50


Sunday School Minute Book – Prepared by the Deseret S.S.U. Board, contains blanks for the minutes and statistics for four years. … 4.00

Officers’ and Teachers’ Roll … .35

Class Roll – For keeping roll of pupils … .35

S.S. Missionary Roll – … .10

Teachers’ Weekly Report Book – Contains blanks on which teacher should make reports to the secretary, each book good for one year … .10

Teachers’ Weekly Report Blanks – small blank for teachers to use in making weekly report to the secretary.

Per Dozen … .25
Per 100 … 2.00

Abstract of Minutes – 50c per 100.

Parents’ Class Statistics – Blanks – $1.00 per 100.

Percentage Card – (Large) – For figuring class and school percentages.

each … .25

Percentography (small circular card) – for figuring percentages.

each … .10

Monthly Report Cards – For the ward secretary to use in making monthly report to the Stake Secretary.

Per Dozen … .25
Per 100 … 2.00

Secretary’s Weekly Report to Stake board – (Post card) Per dozen, 25c., 100, $2.00.

Weekly Report Cards – Same price as above.

Stake Board Visiting Books – For recording statistics gathered in visits to Sunday Schools. By using this book a copy of the report is left with the local school … .25

Parents’ Department – Parent and Child.

Vol. I … .35
Vol. II … .35

Vol. II treats of social and educational problems.

Vol. III … .50

Every parents should have these books and read them occasionally.

Kindergarten Plan Book – Contains plans and outlines for special Kindergarten work, bound inc loth … .75

Deseret Sunday School Songs

Cloth … .75
Per Dozen … 8.00

Special Offer: If money is sent with the order, we will send the S.S. Songs for $7.00 per dozen. Postpaid.

Kindergarten and Primary Songs – By Franciss K. Thomassen. A collection of 63 songs written with accompaniment and kept within the range of little children’s voices,

each … .75

Moral Stories – A collection of short stories … .25

Ten commandment Cards

Per Dozen … .25

Sacrament Cards – Contain blessings on the Bread and Water

2 for .05

Articles of Faith Cards – Large size,

Per Dozen … .25

Sunday School tickets – 5c, 10c, 15c and 25c per package.

Sunday School Cards – 10c, 15c, 20c and 25c per package.

A Life of Christ for the Young – By Geo. L. Weed adopted for use in the Latter-day Saints’ Sunday Schools.

Cloth … 1.50


As Prepared by General Board Deseret Sunday School Union

Kindergarten Department– First Year Class. “Sunday Morning in the Kindergarten” … 1.00

Primary Department – First Year Class. “Stories from the Life of Christ” … .50

First Intermediate Department – Second Year Class. “Young Folks’ Bible Stories,” appearing in Juvenile Instructor.

Fourth Year Class. “Ancient Apostles,” David O. McKay … 1.25

Second Intermediate Department – Second Year Class. “Book of Mormon” … .75

Fourth Year Class. “What Jesus Taught,” O.J.P. Widtsoe … 1.25

Theological Department – Junior – “Great Biblical Characters,” appearing in the Juvenile Instructor.

Advanced Class. “Articles of Faith,” Dr. James E. Talmage … 1.00

Parents’ Department – “Practical Problems in Parenthood,” appearing in the Juvenile Instructor.

Teacher Training – “An outline of the principles of the Gospel,” by The Correlation-Social Advisory Committee.

Paper … .35

No discount for quantity.


Ethics for Children

Cloth … 1.25
By Mail … 1.38

Stories to Tell Children … 1.50

Mother Stories from the Book of Mormon … .65

How to Teach Religion – Evans and Jensen … .50

Religion Class Helps … .15


High Priests’ Quorum Roll and Record, for Stakes only … 2.50

Seventies’ Roll and Record

Weekly Meetings … 2.00
Monthly … 2.00

Elders’ Roll and Record

Weekly … 2.00
Monthly … 2.00

Temple Records – Arranged by the chief clerk of the Salt Lake Temple.

1 quire … 1.75
2 quire … 2.50
3 quire … 3.25
Larger sizes and stronger binding made to order.

L.D.S. Family and Individual Record – approved by the Church Authorities, Prepared by D.M. McAllister, Temple Recorder … 1.75

Twelve or more copies ordered at one time per dozen … 18.00

Course of Study for 1922
For Melchizedek Priesthood and Priests

Essentials in Church History – by Joseph Fielding Smith … 1.50

Life of Christ for Teachers – Issued by the Priesthood Quorum Committee … .15

Duty Stories from the Book of Mormon – For Deacons – Issued by the Priesthood Quorum committee … .10

For 1921-1922

Restoration of the Gospel – O.J.P. Widtsoe.

Cloth … .75

Mormon Settlement in Arizona – McClintock … 2.50, by mail 2.60

A Man for the Ages – Bachellor – 2.00, by mail 32.10

Fireside Stories for girls – Eggleston … 1.50, by mail 1.60

Trails to Woods and Waters – Hawkes … 1.60, by mail 1.76

A full set will be sent, postpaid, if cash accompanies the order, for 8.00

If charged the complete set will be billed at 8.75

Young Men’s Roll Book … .50

Young Men’s Minute Book … .35

Young Ladies’ Roll Book and Record … 2.00

Six Years of Home Reading – By J.H. Paul, Professor of natural Science at the University of Utah. For Boy Scouts, Camp Fire and Bee Hive Girls, and others … .50


Our Stock of Bibles and Testaments Is Complete, and Includes: Oxford, Cambridge, Bagster, Nelson, International, Holman, Nave’s Students Bible and the Scofield Reference Bible.

Cambridge, Amethyst type, 16 mo.
Size 5 1/4 x 3 1/4

Scriptural texts arranged in subjective order, with historical notes; Biblical Encyclopedia, Concordance, Maps, etc., to which is added L.D.S. Ready Reference, revised by Elder Jas. E. Talmage.

On India Paper

F 105 1/2X, French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge … 5.25
F 105 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 5.75
F 110 1/2X, French Levant, divinity circuit, red under gold edge, leather lined to edge … 6.50
F 110 1/2X-I, Same as above with patent index … 7.00
F 113 1/2X, Persian Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge, leather lined to edge, silk sewn … 8.00
F 113 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 8.50

Cambridge Minion 16mo Teachers’ Bible
Size 6 7/8 x 4 5/8

With references, Concordance, Biblical encyclopedia. to which is added L.D.S. Bible ready References recently revised by Elder James E. Talmage.

On India Paper

H 125 1/2X, French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge … 6.50
H 125 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 7.00
H 1`33 1/2X, Syrian Levant, divinity circuit, red under gold edge, leather lined to edge … 8.00
H 133 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 8.50
H 135 1/2X, Persian Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge, leather lined to edge, silk sewn … 9.50
H 135 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 10.00

Size 7 1/2 x 5 1/4
Bagster Minion 16mo, Self-Pronouncing Teachers’ Bible

Concordance, reference, Helps, etc., to which is added L.D.S. Ready references, Revised by Elder James E. Talmage.

On India Paper

M 125 1/2X, French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge … 6.25
M 125 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 6.75
M 133 1/2X, Syrian Levant, divinity circuit, red under gold edge leather lined to edge … 7.00
M 133 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 7.50

Cambridge Minion 16mo
Size 6 78 x 4 5/8

References, Concordance, biblical Encyclopedia, to which is added L.D.S. Ready Reference, Revised by Elder James E. Talmage.

On India Paper

N 125 1/2X, French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge … 6.50
125 1/2X-I, Same as above with Patent Index … 7.00


By Orville J. Nave, D.D., L.L.D., and Anna Semans Nave, M.L.A.

With Marginal Notes and Exhaustive Topical Analysis of all pages, Citing Explanatory Footnotes with Numerous Subheadings and with References to all Relative Scriptures

No. K, French Morocco, divinity circuit, gilt edges, cloth lined … 6.75
No. 4, Alaska Seal, divinity circuit, gilt edges, leather lined … 7.25
No. 4I, Same as above with Thumb Index … 7.75


No. 2014S, Holman Bible Full Leather, gilt … 5.50
No. 01620, Oxford Bible, Large Type, strongly bound full leather, gilt … 8.45
No. 03640, Oxford Bible, large type morocco extra gilt … 10.00

See page 3 of catalog for combination of above in pulpit sets.


Size 4 1/4 x 2 5/8

Persian Morocco

On Bible Paper

D 422, Keratol square corners, red edge … .75
D 431, French Morocco, limp, square corners, gilt edge … .90
D 433, Lambskin, circuit, limp, round corners, red edge … .90
D 432, French Morocco, limp, red under gold edge … .95
D 435, French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge … 1.20
D 436, French Morocco, divinity circuit, red under gold edge, Button Clasp … 1.35
D 445,

On India Paper

D 483X, Persian Morocco, limp, red under gold edge, leather lined … 2.70

16mo. Black-Faced Type New Testament
Size 6 3/8 x 4 1/4

0220 Cloth, Silk Pattern, round corners, red edges … 95


The Smallest Large Type Testament Published

This Testament will be prized by anyone receiving it. It is printed from remarkably large, clear, easily read type and is smaller in size than the many small type Testaments on the market.

403 Kraft Leather, Black, (very durable and waterproof), limp, round corners, gilt edges … .75
422 French Morocco, limp, round corners, red under told edges … .90
425 French Morocco, limp, round corners, red under gold edges, with Button Flap … 1.75
440 French Morocco, divinity circuit, round corners, red under gold edges, purple ribbon marker … 1.25


King James (1611) Version

An excellent Testament for children, printed from clear type, on fine Bible paper and attractively bound.

Ruby Type 32 mo. Size, 2 5/8 x 3 7/8 and 1/2 inch thick

30 Testament, Genuine Leather, Morocco grain, flexible covers, round corners, red under gold edges, title stamped on side in pure gold … .75

We have a large varied stock of Bibles and Testaments not listed above; all First Class Stock:

Bibles at .75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.25, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00 and up, according to size of type and style of binding.

New Testaments at .20, .25, .35, .50, .65, .75, 1.00, 1.25 and up, according to size of type and styles of binding.


Any Bible or Testament not listed in the Catalog we will mail you post paid at 25% off the list.

State the price you want to pay; the kind of book, whether Sunday School Teaches with all the Helps, in India or Bible paper, Bible with Concordance or plain Text Bible, we will guarantee a selection that will suit you.

The Largest and Best Selected Stock of
Miscellaneous Books
On every variety of subjects can be found at our store.

The stock is continually changing, owing to the arrival of new books, almost weekly, therefore, it is impossible to furnish a complete catalog of all titles.

In this Catalog we list a number of titles that are carried by us the year round.

It will be our pleasure to order direct to you at the Publisher’s price any book we do not carry in stock.


Voland’s – Happy Children, Nature Children, Sunny Books, and Golden Friendship Gift Books. Beautiful Colored Illustrations and handsomely Bound.

Mother Goose. – Alice Kay.

Helping the Weatherman

Friendly Fairies.

My Very Own Friendly Stories.

Winkle, Twinkle and Lollypop.

Kernel Cob and Little Miss Secret Clover.

Rhymes for Kindly Children.

Raggedy Ann Stories.

Raggedy Andy.

The Little Brown Bear.

Whisk Away on a Sunbeam.

Fables in Rhyme.

Tale of Johnny Mouse.

Remarkable Tale of a Whale.

Little Babs.

Billy Bunny’s Fortune.

Sunny Rhymes for Happy Children.

Over the Rainbow Bridge.

Little Brown Bear.

The Little Red Balloon.

The Wise Gray Cat.

Tales of Little Cats.

Sunny Bunny.

So Many Wars.


You and I.

All to Myself.

Old Friends Like You.

I Was thinking of You.

Good Means You.

My Boy.

A Message for You.

Each … 1.35


Birds Every Child Should Know – By Neltje Blanchan. Illustrated.

Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know. The Rocks and Stars – By Julia Ellen Rogers. Illustrated.

Essays Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie.

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie.

Famous Stories Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie.

Folk Tales Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie.

Heroes Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie.

Heroines Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie and Kate Stephens.

Hymns Every Child Should Know – Edited by Dolores Bacon.

Legends Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie.

Myths Every Child Should Know – Edited by Hamilton W. Mabie.

Poems Every Child Should Know – Edited by Mary E. Burt.

Prose Every Child Should Know – Edited by Mary E. Burt.

Songs Every Child Should Know – Edited by Dolores Bacon.

Trees Every Child Should Know – By Julia Ellen Rodgers. Illustrated.

Water Wonders Every Child Should Know – By Jean M. Thompson. Illustrated.

Wild Animals Every Child Should Know – By Julia Ellen Rogers. Illustrated.

Wild Flowers Every Child Should Know – By Frederick William Stacks. Illustrated.

Each at … .75



A Guide to Living Things – By Edwin Tenney Brewster. Many illustrations. Tells in a simple and interesting way hundreds of puzzling truths every boy and girl should know.

A Guide to the Bible – By George Hodges, D.D. Not a paraphrase of the Bible, but a telling of its story with renewed, fresh and vital interest.

A Guide to Pictures – by Charles H. Caffin. 16 illustrations. Mr. Caffin is well known as the author of “American Masters of Painting,” and “How to Study Pictures.”

A Guide to United States History – By Henry W. Elson. 16 illustrations. The author’s aim has been to inspire interest in our national annals by omitting “dry” details, which can be secured from any book, and by offering instead anecdotes and descriptions which suggest conditions existing in each period under discussion.

A Guide to English History – By Henry W. Elson. 16 illustrations. This is a story of the people who gave birth to all English speaking nations.

American Men of Action – By Burton E. Stevenson. 12 illustrations. The lives of those who have shaped the destiny of the Republic, discussing in turn the discoverers, statesmen, pioneers, soldiers, and sailors.

American Men of Mind – By Burton E. Stevenson. 12 illustrations. In this volume, Mr. Stevenson takes up the second great division of American Biography – writers, thinkers, inventors, etc.

A Guide to Music – for Beginners and others – by Daniel Gregory Mason. 12 illustrations. The author has written several successful musical books, and lectures on music. This “Guide” provides a beginner with an intelligible idea of the principles underly8ing the art.

A Guide to Mythology – By Helen A. Clarke – 12 illustrations. The gifted author of this series has written and lectured extensively on mythology for many years.

A Guide to Reading – By John Macy. 12 illustrations. The author is Associate Editor of “The Youth’s Companion.” He has written this book with the intention of laying down such principles of selection in reading as will enable the reader to discover for himself qualities common to the works of all the great writers.

A Guide to Great Cities – First Series. By Esther Singleton. 12 illustrations. The history, geography, customs, life and art treasures of London, Antwerp, Copenhagen, The Hague and other renowned cities of Northwestern Europe.

A Guide to Great Cities – By Esther Singleton. The great cities of France and Spain vividly described.

Each … .60

Boyhood Stories of Famous Men – Katherine Dunlap Cather … 1.25

Summer in the Girls’ Camp – Anna W. Coale … 1.50

The Ranch Girls’ Pot of Gold – Vandercook.

The Ranch Girls in Europe – Vandercook.

The Ranch Girls at Home – Vandercook.

The Ranch Girls at Rainbow Lodge – Vandercook.

The Ranch Girls and Their Great Adventure – Vandercook.

The Ranch Girls at Home Again – Vandercook.

Each … .75

Mary Jane is the typical American little girl who bubbles over with fun and the good things of life.

Exquisitely and charmingly written, these are five books which every little girl from five to nine years old will want to read.

Mary Jane – Her Book.

Mary Jane – Her Visit.

Mary Jane’s Kindergarten.

Mary Jane Down South.

Mary Jane’s City Home.

Each … .75

How Boys and Girls Coin Money – C.C. Bowsfield. … 1.00

This is the only book which tells boys and girls to do hundreds of useful, practical things for the purpose of earnign money in their spare time after school and during vacations.


In the first place, “the Children’s Crimson Series” is designed to please and interest every child, by reason of the sheer fascination of the stories and poems contained therein.

The Fairy Ring – Fairy Tales for Children 4 to 8.

Magic Casements – Fairy Tales for Children 6 to 12.

Tales of Laughter – Fairy Tales for Growing Boys and Girls.

Tales of Wonder – Fairy Tales that Make One Wonder.

Pinafore Palace – Rhymes and Jingles for Tiny Tots.

The Posy Ring – Verses and Poems that Children Love and Learn.

Golden Numbers – Verses and Poems for Children and Grown-ups.

The Talking Beasts – Birds and Beasts in Fable.

Christmas Stories – “Read Us a Story About Christmas.”

Stories and Poems from Kipling – “How the Camel Got His Hump” and Other Stories.

Each … .75


Carita’s New World – Lucy M. Blanchard, beautifully bound and illustrated … 1.50

Carita and How She Became a Patriotic American – By Lucy M. Blanchard. “Carita has a great touch of originality and a novelty in its picturesque setting in Old Mexico, little known except for a traveled few, and the descriptions of points of interest are woven into the story in a chatty and natural way. One of the strongest points of the book is the fact that its characters seem to be real people, doing the things that real people do.” – Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City. Cloth decorative, 12 mo, illustrated by John Goss … 1.50


Popular Books for Girls - By Annie Fellows Johnston.

There is no juvenile heroine of the present day so well-beloved of children as the altogether delightful little Kentucky girl whom Mrs. Johnston has made the central figure of the Little Colonel Series.

The Little Colonel Stories (Containing “The Little Colonel,” “The Giant Scissors,” and “Two Little Knights of Kentucky.”

The Little Colonel’s House Party. – Mary Ware.

The Little Colonel’s Holidays.

The Little Colonel’s Hero.

The Little Colonel at Boarding School.

The Little Colonel in Arizona.

The Little Colonel’s Christmas Vacation.

The Little Colonel: Maid of Honor.

The Little Colonel’s Knight Comes Riding.

The Little Colonel’s Chum

Mary Ware in Texas. Illustrated

Mary Ware’s Beautiful Land.

Per volume … 1.90


Novels – By L.M. Montgomery.

Anne of Green Gables – (350th thousand) Illustrated by M.A. and W.A.J. Claus. “In ‘Anne of Green Gables,’ you will find the dearest and most moving and delightful child since the immortal Alice.” – Mark Twain. Illustrated by George Gibbs, 12mo. … 1.65

Anne of Avonlea – (255th thousand) “A book to lift the spirit and send the pessimist into bankruptcy!” – Meredith Nicholson.

Chronicles of Avonlea – (43rd thousand) Illustrated by George Gibbs. “Touches the heart by its natural, wholesome and quaint appeal.” – Springfield Union. 12 mo. … 1.65

Anne of the Island – (65th thousand) Illustrated by H. Weston Taylor. A new “Anne” story which tells of Anne’s college life, her new friends, and, finally, of her romance. 12mo. … 1.65

Further Chronicles of Avonlea – Illustrated by John Gibbs. More stories of the delightful people of Avonlea. 12 mo. … 1.65

3 volumes
by Marion Ames Taggart


The Doctor’s Little Girl – A thoroughly enjoyable tale of a little girl and her comrade father. In Nancy L. Porter, the little heroine, Miss Taggart has created one of the most lovable child characters of recent years.

Sweet Nancy – A thoroughly enjoyable tale, written in a delightful vein of sympathetic comprehension of the child’s point of view.

Nancy, the Doctor’s Little Partner – In this story Nancy Porter is the same bright and cheerful little maid – a little older grown perhaps – making herself more valuable each day to her comrade father, and bringing sunshine into the lives of all whom she meets.

Each … 1.50


A Texas Blue Bonnet – By C.E. Jacobs. The book’s heroine, Blue bonnet, has the very finest kind of wholesome, honest, lively girlishness and cannot but make friends with every one.

Blue Bonnet’s Ranch party – By C.E. Jacobs and Edyth Ellerbeck Read. The story is both pretty and unhackneyed in its simplicity and is as unlike the ordinary tale of Texas as anything to be imagined.

Blue Bonnet in Boston – by C.E. Jacobs and Lela Horn Richards. It cannot fail to prove fascinating to girls in their teens, not to mention those of older growth, who still hold dear the memory of their youth.

Each … 1.50

4 Volumes
by Harrison Adams

The Pioneer Boys of the Ohio; or, Clearing the Wilderness – “It is a book that will stir the heart of every boy.”

The Pioneer Boys on the Great Lakes; or, On the Trail of the Iroquois – “The story with its characters and incidents is carefully studied and fits the times.”

The Pioneer Boys of the Mississippi; or, The Homestead in the Wilderness – “A wholesome story with plenty of lively adventure.”

The Pioneer Boys of the Missouri; or, In the Country of the Sioux – The time of the story is a generation later than that of the earlier volumes in the series and the heroes are Dick and Roger, sons, respectively, of Bob and Sandy Armstrong, the “pioneer boys” of the previous books.

Each … 1.25



Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – The story of the home life of four girls … 1.75

Little Men: Life at Plumfield With Jo’s Boys – Pictures of Boy Life full of activity, merriment, health and happiness … 1.75

Jo’s boys; and, How They turned Out – This sequel to “Little Men,” takes up the story and carries “Jo’s Boys” through the home struggles and adventures … 1.75

An Old Fashioned Girl – The city life of a winning and sensible little country girl … 1.75

Eight Cousins; or, The Aunt-Hill – the story of a sunny-tempered little girl, who lives with her Uncle and her aunts … 1.75

Rose in Bloom – The sequel to “Eight Cousins,” carries on the story of Rose and the cousins … 1.75

Under the Lilacs – Ben and his dog Sancho run away from a circus and find a home with Bob and Betty in the old house under the lilacs … 1.75

Jack and Jill; A Village Story – A vivid yet natural portrayal of home and school life in a New England village … 1.75

The set of eight volumes, uniformly bound, in box … 14.00


By Sara Ware Bassett

The Story of Cotton.

The Story of Gold and Silver.

The Story of Lumber.

The Story of Wool.

The Story of Iron.

The Story of Leather.

The Story of Glass.

The Story of Sugar.

The Story of Silk.

Each … 1.00

The Wales Books

By Margaret Warde

Betty Wales Freshman .

Betty Wales Sophomore.

Betty Wales Junior.

Betty Wales Senior.

Betty Wales B.A.

Betty Wales & Co.

Each … 1.00


By T. Truxtun Hare

Exceptionally vigorous, exciting stories of football and college life.

Making the Freshman Team.

A Sophomore Half Back.

A Junior in the Line.

A Senior Quarter Back.

Each … 1.25


By John Prescott Earl

The books in this series are:

On the School Team.

The School Team in Camp.

Captain of the School Team.

The School Team on the Diamond.

Each … 1.25


By John T. McIntyre.

The Young Continentals at Lexington.

The Young Continentals at Bunker Hill.

The Young Continentals at Monmouth.

Each … 1.25


by A. Frederick Collins

The Amateur Mechanic - This book is prepared specially for the amateur who wishes to become familiar with all kinds of material and machines used on the farm or in the home. … 1.25

The Amateur Chemist – Explains the general truth about chemistry and its effects upon our daily lives. Told in simple, popular style so that anyone can easily read and understand it. … 1.25


By Joseph A. Altsheler

The Son of Quebec – The adventurous young American, Robert Lenox, and his friends, Tayoga, the Onondaga Indian, and Willett, the hunter, are the chief characters in this splendid historical story of the French and Indian war.

The Last Hunters – The story begins when the hero, Will Clarke, has been captured by a band of Sioux Indians.

Each … 1.35


By Ernest Ingersoll

A story for boys in which spirited adventure and nature study are interwoven. … 1.50


By Sara Cone Bryant

Fifty-one stories with some suggestions for telling … 1.60

How to Tell Stories to Children – by the same author … 1.00


Caleb Cottontail – His adventures in search for cotton plant. By Harrison Cady. Clever, catchy drawings, over sixty in number, and lots of humor in the simple story, make this a book that little folk will enjoy from cover to cover.

Black-Eyed Susan – by Ethel Calvert Phillips. A lively, entertaining book for children of six to ten, by the author of “Little Friend Lydia.” Frontispiece.

Each … 1.50


By Fanny E. Coe

First Book of Stories for The Story-Teller.

Second Book of Stories for the Story-Teller.

Third Book of Stories for The Story-Teller.

Each … 1.00

The Story Hour – for the home and the Kindergarten, by Kate Douglass Wiggin … 1.00

Home Spun Tales – By Kate Douglass Wiggin … 2.00

The Hiawatha Primer – by Florence Holbrook, profusely illustrated. … 75 

What Shall We Read to the Children – by Clara W. Hunt … 1.35

Stories of Luther Burbank – and his school of plant life, illustrated with beautiful colored plates … 1.35

Stories of Thrift for Young Americans – by Pritchard and Tarkington … 1.00

Hans Brinker, or The silver Skates – By Mapes Dodge. It is one of the most human and delightful stories of its kind ever written. 
The Hoosier School Boy – by Edward Eggleston. The boy who begins it will not lay it down before he has read every word.
Treasure Island – by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is interesting from first to last and carries the reader out of himself.
Kidnapped – by Robert Louis Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson has never appeared to greater advantage than in “Kidnapped.”

Each with illustrations in color … 1.00

The White River Raft – A story of a logging trip into the flooded forests of Arkansas.
A Crooked Trail – A story of a thousand mile saddle trip up and down the Texas frontier in search for a runaway ox.

Both illustrated. Each … 1.00


Lives of the Hunted  – Illustrated … 2.00 “The breadth of Mr. Seton’s sympathy is the finest charm of his work.” – Saturday Evening Post

Wild Animals I have Known – Illustrated … 2.00 “It should be put with Kipling and Hans Christian Anderson as a classic.” – London Athenaeum.

Wild Animals at Home … 1.00



The Adventures of Reddy Fox.

The Adventures of Johnny Chuck.

The Adventures of Peter Cottontail.

The Adventures of Unc’ Billy Possum.

The Adventures of Mr. Mocker.

The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat.

The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse.

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog.

The Adventures of Chatterer, the Red Squirrel.

The Adventures of Sammy Jay.

The Adventures of Buster Bear.

The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad.

The Adventures of Prickley Porky.

The Adventures of Old Man Coyote.

The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver.

The Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack.

The Adventures of Bobby Coon.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk.

The Adventures of Bob White.

The Adventures of Ol’ Mistah Buzzard.

Each … .70


Old Mother West Wind. 

Mother West Wind’s Children.

Mother West wind’s Animal Friends.

Mother West Wind’s Neighbors.

Mother West Wind “Why” Stories.

Mother West Wind “How” Stories.

Mother West Wind “When” Stories.

Mother West Wind “Where” Stories.

Each … 1.20


By Arthur Scott Bailey

Colored wrapper and text illustrations drawn by Harry L. Smith.

A delightful new series of bird stories for boys and girls from three to eight years old, or thereabouts.

The Tale of Jolly Robin – Jolly Robin spreads happiness everywhere. In the spring Farmer Green was glad to hear his merry carol. Cheerily-cheerup, cheerily-cherrup.

The Tale of Old Mr. Crow – A wise old bird was Mr. Crow. He always laughed when any one tried to catch him.

The Tale of Solomon Owl – Although Solomon Owl was quiet enough during the day, at night he was often very noisy.

The Tale of Jasper Jay - Of all the Blue Jays in the woods, Jasper Jay was the most mischievous. He was a great mimic, and he loved nothing more than worrying other birds.

The Tale of Rusty Wren – Rusty Wren was a bit odd; he loved living near Farmer Green. So he made his home in a hollow apple tree on the edge of the orchard.

Each … .50


A Series of Classics for Young People 

Large Type and Beautiful Colored Plates.

A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales – By Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Treasure Island– By Robert Louis Stevenson.

Black Beauty – By Anna Sewell. 

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – By Lewis Carroll.

Robinson Crusoe – by Daniel Defoe.

The Swiss Family Robinson – By Johann David Wyss.

Kidnapped – By Robert Louis Stevenson.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales – By J. and W. Grimm.

Anderson’s fairy Tales – By Hans Christian Anderson.

The Arabian Knights – Edited by Holland.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – By Holland.

Each … 1.75


Retold from St. Nicholas Magazine

Indian Stories – A mirror of Indian ideas, customs and adventures.

Colonial Stories – Stirring tales of the rude life of frontier times.

Revolutionary Stories – Heroic deeds and especially children’s part in them.

Civil War Stories – Thrilling stories of the great battles on land and sea.

Our Holidays – Something of their meaning and spirit.

Courageous Girls – Beginning with a girl in an ambulance in the danger zone of the French front, these tales show that spirit often makes for heroism more than bodily strength and that girls often have courage and pluck as great as their big brothers.

Patriotism and the Flag – This is a valuable treasure-trove of inspiration for American boys and girls whose consciousness of their country is as deeply stirred these days as that of their elders.

Each … 1.25


Illustrated. Crown 8vo.

American Claimant. Ill’d net … 2.25

Christian Science net … 2.25

Connecticut Yankee net … 2.25

Following the Equator net … 2.50

Gilded Age net … 2.50

Huckleberry Finn net … 2.25

In Defense of Harriet Shelley net … 2.50

Innocents Abroad net … 2.50

Joan of Arc net … 2.50

Life on the Mississippi net … 2.25

Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg net … 2.25

Prince and Pauper net … 2.25

Pudd’nhead Wilson net … 2.25

Roughing It net … 2.50

Sketches New and Old net … 2.25

$30,000 Bequest, The net … 2.25

Tom Sawyer Abroad net … 2.25

Tom Sawyer net … 2.25

Tramp Abroad net … 2.50


What is Man? net … 2.25


Mark Twain’s Speeches net … 2.25

Mr. Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven 1.25


Untold harm may be done by reading the wrong books – that promise to give information that they do not furnish. It is likely to give the readers of the wrong books a perverted idea of the whole nature of sex which can never be eradicated.

The subject is cleanly and informingly presented in


These books have set at rest the disturbing, distressing, and wrong ideas of the above subject.

More than three million copies are being read in homes and tokens of their abiding good upon the minds of the readers are being received in nearly every mail from the people who have been given this priceless knowledge in the right way.

They are sold on the entire American Continent for $1.35 net per copy.


Retold from St. Nicholas Magazine.

About Animals – Interesting facts about animals in general.

Bear Stories – Information and adventure.

Cat Stories – Dealing with the cat as a pet.

Stories of Brave Dogs – Showing the dog’s love and devotion to man.

Lion and Tiger Stories – Stories of adventure.

Panther Stories – Stories of adventure.

Each … 1.25


By Isabell Anderson

Captain Ginger’s Fairy.

Captain Ginger Aboard the Gee Whiz.

Captain Ginger’s Playmates – (Translated into French and German).

Captain Ginger’s Sun Boy.

Captain Ginger Goes Traveling.

Captain Ginger’s Eater of Dreams

Illustrated. Each … .35


By Clara Ingram Judson.

Books for Little Girls. Illustrated.

Mary Jane – Her Book.

Mary Jane Down South.

Mary Jane’s City Home.

Each … .75


The Boy Scouts of America in making up this Library, selected only such books as had been proven by a nation-wide canvass to be most universally in demand among the boys themselves.

Baby Elton, Quarter-Back – Leslie W. Quirk.

The Boy Scouts of bob’s Hill – Charles Pierce Burton.

Cattle Ranch to College – Russel Doubleday.

College Years – Ralph D. Paine.

Danny Fists – Walter Camp.

The Gaunt Gray Wolf – Dillon Wallace.

A Gunner Aboard the “Yankee” – From the Diary of No. 5 of the After Port Gun.

The Half Back – Ralph Henry Barbour.

Guns of Europe – Joseph A. Altsheler.

Handicraft for Outdoor Boys – Daniel Beard.

The Jester of St. Timothy’s – Arthur Stanwood Pier.

Jim Davis – John Masefield.

Kidnapped – Robert Louis Stevenson.

Last of the Chiefs - Joseph A. Altsheler.

The Last of the Mohicans – James Fenimore Cooper.

Scouting with General Funston – Everest T. Tomlinson.

Through College on Nothing a Year – Christian Gauss.

Tommy Remington’s Battle – Burton F. Stevenson.

Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson.

Under Boy Scout Colors – Joseph B. Ames.

Ungava Bob; A Tale of the Fur – Dillon Wallace.

William of West Point – Hugh S. Johnston.

The Wolf Hunters – George Bird Grinnell.

Each … 1.00


Beyond Good and Evil – Nietzsche.

Fathers and Sons – Turgency.

The Crimes of Sylvestre Bonnard – Anatole France.


A Hazard of New Fortunes – Wm. Dean Howells.

The Mikado and Other Plays – W.S. Gilbert.

Ann Veronica – H.G. Wells.

Madam Bovary – Gustave Flaubert.

Best French Epigrams – W.H. Wright.

Mary, Mary – James Stephens.

Rathschild’s Fiddle etc. – Anthon Chekhov.

Anatole and Other Play s – Arthur Schnitzler.

Dame Care – Sudermann.

A Dreamer’s Tale – Lord Dunsany.

The Man Who Was Thursday – G.K. Chesterton.

Henrik Ibsen – Plays: Hedda Gabler. Pillars of Society. The Master Builder.

Haeckel, Thompson, Weismann, etc. – Evolution in Modern Thought.

Francis Thompson – Complete Poems

Arthur Schnitzler – Bertha Garlan.

Balzac – Short Stories.

The Art of Rodin – 64 Black and White Reproductions.

The Art of Aubrey Beardsley – 64 Black and White Reproductions.

Lord Dunsany – Book of Wonder.

W.B. Yeats – Irish Fairy and Folk Tales.

Leonid Andreyev – The Seven That Were Hanged and The Red Laugh.

Theophile Gautier – Mlle. De Maupin.

Henrik Ibsen – The Wild Duck. Rosmersholm.

The League of Youth.

Woodrow Wilson – Addresses and Messages.

John Macy – The Spirit of American Literature.

De Maupassant – Une Vie.

Francois Villon – Poems.

Ellen Key, Havelock Ellis, G. Lowes, Dickinson, etc. - The Woman Question.

George Gissing – Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft.

Voltaire – Candide.

Maxim Gorky – Creatures That Once Were Men and Other Stories.

Max Stirmer – The Ego and His Own.

Max Beerbohm – Zuleika Dobson.

Edward Carpenter.

Love’s Coming of Age.

August Strindberg.

Miss Julia and Other Plays – Oscar Wilde.

Fairy Tales and Poems in Prose.

Nietzsche – Genealogy of Morals.

Henry James – Daisy Miller and An International Episode.

Frank Norris – McTeague.

Leo Tolstoy – The Deaeth of Ivan Ilyitch and Other Stories.

Gabriele D’Annunzio – The Flame of Life.

Modern Book of English Verse.

Modern Book of American Verse.

Myra Sinclair – The Belfry.

All modern library books are hand bound in exquisite limp craft leather.

Each … .90


The following books written in rhyme,
Can be read with pleasure any time;
And little children from three to ten
Will ask to hear them again and again.

Mr. Cinnamon Bear.

The Christmas Letter.

The Pansy Wedding.

A Patriotic Jubilee.

Printed in colors on heavy coated paper, attractively bound.

Each . . . .60


Webster’s Shorter School . . . .75

Webster’s Elementary School . . . 1.00

Webster’s Secondary School . . . 1.50

Webster’s Secondary School, indexed . . . 1.80

Webster’s New International Dictionary – Regulation edition, size 12-3/8 x 9-3/4 x 5 in.

Buff Buckram, indexed net … 16.00
Sheep, marble edge, indexed . . . 20.00


Desk Standard, cloth . . . 2.25

Desk Standard, half leather . . . 2.75

Desk Standard, full leather . . . 6.00

Funk & Wagnall’s New Standard, Buckram binding . . . 16.00

Funk & Wagnall’s New Standard, Sheep binding . . . 20.00

Winston Simplified Dictionary

An absolutely new work prepared by scholars and experts.

Not an abridgment or adaptation from any other work.

Handsomely bound in cloth . . . 2.00

Vest Pocket Dictionaries – at .25, .35, .75 and 1.00 according to style of binding.


The Boston Cooking School Cook Book – By Fannie Merritt Farmer . . . 2.50

Mrs. Wilson’s Cook Book; Food and Cookery for the Sick and Convalescent – By Fannie Merritt Farmer . . . 2.50

Cooking for Two – By Janet McKenzie Hill . . . 2.25

Mrs. Allen’s Cook Book . . . 2.00

White House Cook Book . . . 2.00

Marion Harland’s Cook Book . . . 1.50

A Primer of Cooking – By Dorothy Hamilton . . . 1.50

What to Have for Dinner – By Fannie Merritt Farmer . . . 1.50

Fruit and Their Cookery – By Harriet S. Nelson . . . 2.00

Canning, Preserving and Jelly Making – By Janet McKenzie Hill . . . 1.50

Every Step in Canning – By Grace Viall Gray . . . 1.25

Manufacture of Ice Creams and Ices – By Frandsen and Markham . . . 2.00

How to Cook in Casserole Dishes – By Marion H. Neil . . . 1.00

Economical Cookery – By Marian Harris Neil . . . 1.50

Blue Grass Cook Book – By Minerva Fox . . . 1.50

Catering for Special Occasions – By Fannie Merritt Farmer . . . 1.00

Miss Parloa’s New Cook Book and Marketing Guide . . . 1.50

What to Drink – A Blue Book of Beverages (Non-Alcoholic) – By Bertha E.L. Stockbridge . . . 1.50

[index of titles not reproduced here]


Visitors to our city are specially invited to look us over in our new home on South Temple Street. We now occupy an entire building, arranged in departments and remodeled to accommodate the


We no longer have a store at 6 South Main Street. Our two popular houses have been merged into one. Patrons of both will find us competent and willing to give them even better service than ever before.

We invite correspondence.

Mail orders have our prompt attention.

44 East on South Temple Salt Lake City, Utah


Essentials in Church History
Of the Council of the Twelve and Church Historian

A History of the Church from the birth of the Prophet to the present time, in ONE LARGE VOLUME of 700 pages, suitably illustrated with portraits of the leaders, early scenes and documents of historical value, and original maps, showing the travels of the Church from its organization to its establishment in the mountains; also the route of the famous Mormon Battalion to the Pacific Coast.

In addition to the material rise and progress of the Church, this interesting work treats upon essentials in doctrine, Priesthood, Authority; the development of the leading teachings in this dispensation, temple work, etc.

This book is adopted as a text for the study of the Melchizedek Priesthood and for the Priests in the Aaronic Priesthood.

Containing, as it does, so much of interest and value in one volume, it should be found in every home of the Latter-day Saints, and in every Church and Public Library.

It is well printed and handsomely bound in cloth at $1.50

A Series of Dissertations on Spiritual, Historical and Philosophical Themes.

Saturday Night Thoughts
Of the Council of the Twelve

The book is designated for use in L.D.S. schools and seminaries, but as the Themes in this work are calculated to stimulate study and deep reflection of Gospel truths, it will be prized by the thoughtful reader everywhere. Handsomely bound in cloth, $1.00.

Prophecies of Joseph Smith and Their Fulfilment

Was Joseph Smith a Prophet? What answers come from the century that has rolled by since he beheld his first vision? Have the Latter-day Saints misplaced faith in him? After the progress of a hundred years, what has Time done with his claims to the title of a Prophet?

In order to make plain the outcome of Time the author has dug up old and forgotten manuscripts and prints which he lays before the readers, with photographic reproductions of the originals. Price, $1.25.

School Supplies

Public School, High School and College Text Books, School Furniture, Black-Boarding, Drawing and Exercise Papers, Water Colors, Student Note and Composition Books, Crayons, Ink, Pens, Pencils, etc. Complete Line of Janitorial Supplies.

Office Supplies

Art Metal Steel Filing Cabinets and Accessories, Barrett Adding Machines, Blank Books, Loose Leaf Devices, Typewriter papers, I.P. Memorandums, etc.

Stationery Department

Fine Correspondence Stationery, Fountain Pens, Eversharp Pencils, etc., and Greeting Cards for Every Occasion.

44 East on South Temple - Salt Lake City, Utah

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