The finalists have been announced by Medgadget for the 2008 Medical Blog Awards.  I am afraid the competition for best new blog was extremely stiff and I did not make the cut.  Neither did a couple of my favorites, Mothers in Medicine or Rural Doctoring, that I thought could easily have won the whole thing, so I guess I’m in good company.  

      This means that the blogs that remain are extraordinary, including some of my own favorites, like Notes of an Anesthesioboist, Reflections in a Head Mirror, Other Things Amanzi, Brass and Ivory and Soulful Sepulchre.  Voting opens Jan 6th and continues through the 17th so head over there and let your voice be heard.


 I may be down in the awards gig, but I’m not yet out.  I have rallied for a surprising top 20 appearance in the People’s Healthblogger Awards at Wellsphere.  Voting remains open through the 15th, so anyone kind enough to offer their support should head right over and give me a shout out as well.

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