The scriptures tell us that when the Savior comes at the Second Coming He will reveal secrets about the heavens above and the earth below.  All scholarly minded latter-day saints take note!  You don’t want to miss the meeting where he tells everyone how the world was created.  

Another interesting question about the Millennium is, what will science be like?  Will it be like it is today? Will it be run by the Church of God? Will it not change at all?   

Let me start by saying that I am sure there will be science during the Millennium, just as sure as I am that there will be golfing.  However, whereas golfing will likely remain the same, science will undergo some changes.  What kind of changes? The same kind of changes that the political government will undergo.  

Brigham Young taught that during the Millennium the political kingdom on earth will “grow out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it is not the church.” I take this to mean that politics will be guided by the principles of righteousness found in the Church, but it will not be directed by the Church. Think about it this way, Deseret Book is an outgrowth of the Church and it adheres to the doctrines of the gospel, but it is not the Church.  

The same can be said about millennial science. During the Millennium I believe that science will be founded on principles of righteousness, but it will not be the Church. Scientists will be free to pursue any scientific endeavor they choose, but they will do so with an eye single to the glory of God and in a manner consistent with the doctrines of the Church.  

This state of affairs between science and the Church means that millennial scientists will likely expunge the moral relativism and atheistic dogma that are endemic in science today.  Moreover, given the state of righteousness that will prevail, the presence of resurrected beings, and the increased outpouring of the Light of Christ, I predict that scientific discoveries will multiply at an unprecedented pace.

On a final note, we know that the lamb and the lion will co-exist in peace during the Millennium, but will the evolutionists and non-evolutionists be able to co-exist in peace as well?  


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