I was watching Fox New channel this morning, and witnessed NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, pay tribute to the pilot of Flight 1549. Now being lovingly referred to as, "Sulley".

Mayor Bloomberg said: "It woud appear the pilot did a masterful job of landing the plane in the river and making sure everyone got out." The pilot "walked the plane twice" to ensure all passengers had got out before leaving the plane himself."

I know I am not alone, but this particular picture, of the passengers of flight 1549, has captured the very depths of my heart. And if you didn't know already, it was captured on an iphone, by Janis Krums of Sarasota, Florida. This immediately was broadcast on the Internet, all over the world.

Again, while the news was breaking about the plane crash on the Hudson River, of U.S. Airway Flight 1549 - I also had quick access to Twitter... and Twitter I did! Twitter folks were broadcasting information as it was being made available, as fast as we could "tweet"! It was quite a site to behold -- as photos and video footage began to stream.

All of this amazement aside - I continued to go back and reflect on this particular stunning picture. The symbolism of what I was seeing, overwhelmed me -- as much as the miracle I was literally beholding. On one site, that posted this picture - it read "Standing on the Wings".

I used to have such a fear of flying, that when I was only a little bit younger, I would ask my husband for a blessing - to calm my nerves. Flying was so stressful for me. It often took me a day or two to recover, once I landed. You would never know it to observe me - but on the inside I was extremely fearful. Every bit of turbulence, I was certain I was going to die. Honestly, I am not exaggerating. However, my fear was not so great - that I was willing to miss out on traveling for whatever I desired.

As I began to fly more often, and realized that I most likely would not die - I decided to just accept, that my life was truly in the Hands of God. I made a conscious decision to allow Him to take away my fear, and just accept whatever destiny, and that He was in control.

Believe it or not, flying has now become very relaxing for me. I look forward to it. Once I began to visualize, that vulnerable jet in the palms of His Hands - all my fears dissipated. For me personally, that has been a miracle.

As I have gazed upon this picture of that strong jet, carrying on its wings, literally the lives of each passenger and crew aboard - I can't help but have it confirmed in my heart - that this visual is profoundly striking to our relationship with our Heavenly Father, each and everyday of our lives.

I feel such a gratitude, for each one of us, who are rescued and can consider ourselves "survivors" of such evil, etc.. that we experience in the world today. It is my personal belief - that each one of us, through the atonement of Jesus Christ - Stand on His Wings!


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