The following comments recently appeared on a pro-evolution website. Quote 1 is from the author of the column, and quotes 4-5 are from someone who posted comments on the column. They were written by members who accept evolution (here).

1. “First, make this the year that you do what you’ve always planned to do: read Origin of Species. It’s marvelously readable. It is also one of the classics of Western civilization that one ought to have read to be considered culturally literate.”

2. “Deniers of evolution are just as loathsome as deniers of the Holocaust.”

3. “Deniers of evolution are . . . totally disconnected from physical and empirical realities.”

4. “Deniers of evolution are . . . [are] opting instead to dwell in the oblivion of their own nonsensed, dissociative inner-world.”

5. “Deniers of evolution are . . . clinging to false religion and false gods that they have fashioned in their own image.”

Does anyone else have a problem with these statements?  These comments demonstrate the lows some evolutionists in our ranks have gone to in order to support their position. They have also resorted to ad hominem attacks against people who disagree with their beliefs.  I have been the target of some of these ad hominem attacks because I disagree with some of their evolutionary viewpoints. 

It should stop.

It is possible to express divergent viewpoints regarding the creation of the world and evolution in a non-demeaning manner; several Latter-day Saint evolutionists and non-evolutionists have demonstrated this fact. But why some have attempted to demean others is beyond me. I consider it inappropriate and unscholarly to ridicule others in this manner regardless what side of the issue we are on. 

My 2 cents.

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