So much contention is being stirred by the proposed stimulus program! Maybe most of the money is going to bureaucracy, special interests, wasteful programs, and fraud, and maybe it does like like just much more of mismanaged finances that got us into trouble in the first place, but is that any excuse for negativism? This is the time when we need to look to the teachings of the Bible for guidance (I'm using the Bad News translation):
If Congress seeketh to take away thy coat, let them have thy cloak also and thy cloak, and thy chariot, and thy gold, and thy silver, and thy vineyard, and thy calves, and thy oxen, and thy home, and thy 401k, and verily all that thou hast and all that thy children might have, and verily all that posterity might have until seven generations, and shall seek to make thee and they posterity into abject slaves, give also thine iPod.

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