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The GOP is dying a slow, necessary death. Any organization that completely and consistently backtracks on its mission statement and core principles is little more than an empty shell of self-serving powermongers anxious to extract whatever last bit of personal gain they can before its dissolution. Like a small crack in a windshield that progressively worsens and ultimately spiderwebs, the Republican Party is headed for destruction.

The election of Michael Steele, former Maryland lieutenant governor, as Chairman of the party (after six rounds of voting) does not bode well for the future of Republicans. Casting himself as a “big tent” Republican, Steele seems to hope that the memory hole will work in his favor (as it usually does in politics). After the May GOP presidential debate in South Carolina, Steele appeared on FOX to deride and dismiss Ron Paul and his ideas, saying that “for me, it’s done(Notable segments at 2:50 and 4:30). This despite the fact that Ron Paul had been winning the FOX-sponsored poll all night long—a clear indication that despite the disgust of Hannity and his cohorts, the “common folk” responding to the poll were pleased with Paul’s ideas.

Michael Steele does not need to adopt Ron Paul’s platform, nor does the Republican party as a whole. But when a group of high-ranking politicians claim to adhere to a certain set of principles and then spurn the one individual who best represents those standards, they show their true colors as hypocritical opportunists. It’s time that the Republican party amended their platform to flat out disclose what they believe in: an ever-expanding world empire; rendition, torture, and the denial of Habeas Corpus to “enemy combatants”; the repeal of the fourth amendment; deficit spending; bailing out companies that are “too big to fail”; inflationary fiat money creation through a central banking system; nation building; preemptive warfare fueled by lies and propaganda; federal programs not authorized by the Constitution; and, encapsulating the rest, big government.

Ever-concerned about the “base”, though, the Grand Ol’ Party will not publicly reject the principles popularly supported by the proles. Thus, their only palatable option is to witness the demise of an institution that permits its leaders to circumvent its stated ideals time and time again, without public repudiation or recognition.

Michael Steele may want a big tent in the Republican Party, but a tent full of hot air and hypocrisy does not make for a good political movement.

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