I was traveling during General Conference today, but am grateful for the improved video coverage at LDS.org, which allows me to go back and replay the video broadcast from earlier sessions. Fabulous quality as well. I'm listening now to the Saturday morning broadcast, where I just heard the announcement from Thomas S. Monson regarding the selection of a new Apostle, Elder Neil Linden Andersen, who replaces Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin who passed away in December. I look forward to learning more about this respected man.

If you're not used to LDS General Conference, it's a special event held twice a year for Latter-day Saints (and the world) to hear inspired messages from our leaders over a two-day period. Conference is held in the spring (around April 6) and again in the fall in October. There are two two-hour sessions on a Saturday and the following Sunday, with a Saturday evening session for priesthood holders (males over age 12). It can seem dull to many, but it definitely worth paying attention to. The content can inspire, guide, and bless when our minds and hearts are open.
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