Beginning with the April 2009 General Conference, please note that the Church will discontinue the following products:

  • English audiocassettes.
  • ASL DVDs, since they are available online shortly after conference.
  • A 16-language DVD set.
  • Distribution of the Official Report to English-speaking unit leaders, and the sale of extra copies to general membership through Distribution Services.

For the first time, the Church will begin producing the following:

  • Spanish audio CDs.
  • Spanish DVDs. provides a complete list of the materials to be made available after general conference, as well as the timing of when they will be available.

Of course, you can listen and watch online in many language in the general conference section of the online Gospel Library ( You can also subscribe to the text, audio, and video podcasts at

Did you know that at you can also subscribe to general conference DVDs and audio CDs so they are automatically sent to you when they are available? (People in the U.S. and Canada who have subscriptions to audiocassettes will be automatically switched to CD subscriptions.) You can also get a 14-issue Ensign subscription (one extra copy each of the May and November issues).

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