As planned, the new Mormon Channel radio station has just released their iphone app, which has been anxiously awaited by all of us who have an iphone. Perfect timing too, considering that Apple has just released the awesome 3.0 software upgrade for the iphone; and the fact that just yesterday the NEW IPHONE 3G S was released, too! Currently I am seeing how long I can exercise self restraint, before I break down and indulge myself with the new iphone. I REALLY LIKE THE WHITE MODEL:-)

It's an "Apple Party" this week!!! FYI: The Mormon Channel iphone app, also works with your ipod!

And the best part, the Mormon Channel iphone application is FREE!

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE Apple! I love my Mac laptop, my iphone, my ipod, etc... LOL Anyway, I'm really excited that I can now access and listen to the Mormon Channel, via this new iphone application. Way to go, guys!

The new iPhone application is finally here! Get the new app for free in the iTunes store. And for users of other mobile phones, don't worry. Other applications are currently in development.

Kathryn Skaggs

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