There's a lot of hope springing in the economy right now if you're listening to major media outlets and politicians, in spite of some of the most frightening indicators of economic slowdown and unemployment. Some people have started succumbing to hope again as they pull out their credit cards and sell off more of their future. I sure hope things will pick up, but I think the wise course now is to continue doing all we can to be self-sufficient and to avoid crushing debt, in spite of the terrible examples of political leaders over the past few decades who seem to relish debt. This is the time to build provisions for the future. Do you have a solid food storage program?

Do you realize that the lives of your loved ones may literally depend on what you have stored? Your food storage may become more than just a great way to get through a period of unemployment. It can be the key to survival for you and others around you in a natural disaster or in a man-made economic disaster. Zimbabwe may be on the other side of the world, but they have been following very similar economic policies and are now reaping the consequences of insane government spending and crushing debt. Their money, once roughly equivalent to ours, went through hyperinflation and is now worthless. People are going hungry and their economy collapsing due to the greed of totalitarian politicians. This can happen to once prosperous nations. If we can't get our government to restrain itself with the flood of fiat money it is creating to fund its spending orgy, who can stop the tsunami of debt and inflation from eventually reaching our shores? Sober preparation is needed, coupled with active efforts to elect honorable men and women who will not burden future generations with impossible levels of debt.
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