Access to mobile phones: 77% of teens in the USA had their own mobile phone in late 2008, 12% had no phone, and 11% borrowed someone else’s mobile phone on a regular basis, as shown in the chart below.


Texting: Over the past 2 years, the average number of texts sent and received by teen mobile subscribers has climbed steadily (from 435/month to 2,899/month), while their mobile calls have actually declined (from 255/month to 191/month).


Just 13% of teen mobile subscribers told the Nielsen survey that they were allowed a limited number of text messages. About 1/5 had a limited number of voice minutes.

Mobile video: Teens also watch a lot of video on mobile devices–an average of 6.5 hours per month–which is significantly more than the 3 hour 37 minute average across all age groups. Music and comedy videos are the most popular with teens.


Mobile Internet: Mobile Internet was used by 37% of US teen mobile users. Among the countries studied by Nielsen, only China had a higher teen use rate at 50%.

Sources: “How Teens Use Media” and “Teens Go Mobile for More Than Texts.”

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