Rachel Esplin is a junior from Blackfoot, Idaho working on a degree at Harvard in East Asian Studies. The video below shows her part in a panel moderated by Washington Post reporter Sally Quinn. The panel discussion was titled “Engaging Religious Difference: Personal Quests for Purpose” and was part of an all-day series of events on “Faith Live on the Harvard Campus: Personal Quest, Public Conversation, and Global Citizenship.”

In this 21-minute segment, Rachel explains her background growing up in Idaho, and how coming to Harvard impacted her religious views and convictions. She articulately responds to questions such as

  • “What does religious diversity mean?
  • What does it mean to be in a secular environment?
  • What does it mean to come face to face with what I don’t know and what I have to learn?

I share the video here to encourage us all to talk openly and matter-of-factly about what we believe. As we do so, we can make friends, build bridges, and forge alliances.

Day of Faith: Personal Quests for a Purpose – 3. Rachel Esplin from Harvard Hillel on Vimeo.

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