Between the two sessions of General Conference today, the LDS broadcast from noon to 2 pm MDT will include some interesting material. Please be tuned in at the "meridian of halftime" - 1 pm MDT - when there will be a 15-minute documentary about the humanitarian work of Empower Playgrounds, the amazing charitable organization that is bringing light and educational hope to many students in Ghana through their innovative power-generating playground equipment that powers the batteries for LED lamps which, in turn, allow students to do their homework at night when they could not do so before. Before Empower Playgrounds, many students in Ghana had little opportunuty to study because they needed to do chores at home after school while it was light, and when it was dark, they lacked electric lights needed for study. BYU alumnus Ben Markham saw this problem, and the problem of schools without playground equipment, and had a brilliant idea that has brought hope to many students.

After you watch, think about making a donation to help them advance this important work that gives one of the greatest gifts requiring money: education.
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