The White House reports that 650,000 jobs were “created or saved” because of the $787 billion stimulus spending package. Joe Biden claims it may be as many as 1 million. Really?

The administration said it "scrubbed" the report for 3 weeks before they released it Friday. Sounds like they “scrubbed” the numbers, all right. Today’s USAToday reports the following:

  • The federal government sent Bob Bray $26,174 in stimulus aid to fix a fence and replace the roofs on public apartments in Blooming Grove, TX, a town of fewer than 900 people. He hired five roofers and an inspector to do the job. He reported to the government 6 temporary jobs were created, but the government report shows it created 450 jobs.
  • A $15,355 grant to the Plymouth, Conn., police department to buy new computers claims to have created or saved 108 jobs.
  • The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, which employs about 500 people in its Head Start preschool program, got $1.3 million in funding and reported creating or saving 935 jobs. The group used the stimulus money to give a 1.84% pay raise to its employees and pay for other needs such as playground equipment and teacher training.
  • Teach for America, which helps place recent graduates in teaching jobs in urban and rural districts, reported that a $2 million grant created or saved 1,425 jobs. They used the money to pay part of the salaries of 125 employees.

In just these 4 examples, the government claims to have "created or saved" 2,918 jobs for over $3.3 million. My count is 6 jobs. That's $550,000 for each temporary job it created. That's government efficiency!

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