I was working in my front yard during my latest dream, when I noticed a group of pro-abortion marchers coming down the street. They began coming onto my yard and were irritated by a large display that someone had put up behind my back while I was working. There was a banner mounted on pole with writing condemning Planned Parenthood and the greedy abortion industry. I had a few seconds to decide if I wanted to stand by the anti-abortion banner--I could easily have disavowed it and say it was a prank from someone else--or assume responsibility and defend my stance. I read it quickly and decided I agreed. I turned to the leader of the group, a smiling or perhaps smirking man with short hair, and tried to talk logically. I remember my words and halfway through realized how utterly ineffective they were. Here's what I said: "Look, I recognize that from your perspective, Planned Parenthood is an organization that has done a lot of good. But have you considered the perspective of women who regret the decision they made based on what Planned Parenthood told them?" Before I could explain what I was trying to say, he and several others walked away while others took photos of me and the sign to document things.

This made me reflect about some of the people I know who have lived with the pain and regret of getting an abortion. Through the Atonement of Christ, some have moved past that mistake and are living vibrant lives as inspiring Christians. Others have coped with the mistake in other ways. Not all women regret it, of course, but those who do often wish they had been given more complete information about what they were doing, about what would happen, and especially about how abortion could be avoided and how much help would be available. Some faced intense pressure from others to do something their heart told them was wrong. Some were victims themselves on multiple fronts, still in need of our compassion and help.

Of course, we must not forget the often-missing half of the problem, the men. Many don't care, sadly, but some who caused a pregnancy that was terminated with abortion also face deep regrets and sorrow. Some who participated in the decision did not fully understand what they were choosing. Some also faced pressure and misinformation.

The dream was undoubtedly triggered by a national story--or non-story, if you rely on mainstream news--from an abortion clinic right here in my town of Appleton, Wisconsin. A pregnant young woman with a hidden camera went in to the local Planned Parenthood outlet and recorded irresponsible misinformation being given by their staff, including a doctor who has been doing abortions for 30 years. "It's not a baby or anything like that," the woman was told about her developing baby. When she asked if the baby had a heartbeat, she was told that the thing in her only had "heart tones," not a heart beat. Information was twisted or withheld to help close the deal and score the sale of their services, rather than help the woman face the reality that abortion stops a beating heart of another human, and that there might be some very reasonable alternatives like adoption that could give her baby (and her) a chance.

Read more and see the video at the Rose Arcuna Project at LiveAction.org.

Not anything like a baby? Then what is it like, Planned Parenthood? A dolphin? No, wait, that's a protected species. A turtle? No, smash protected turtle eggs and you're going to do time. So what's it like? I am saddened that women right here in my town are being given misinformation from clever marketers raking in the bucks with their abortion business. As a result of that misinformation, some may make a decision that they may regret for the rest of their lives. That's ugly.

How I wish that none of our tax dollars went to support such an organization.
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