Zytu Search Safe has created a safe browsing environment that is both entertaining and useful. You can watch thousands of videos and photos and be confident that you will find only family-friendly material. You can also upload and share your favorite videos and photos in a safe environment.

Zytu.org has created a content rating system similar to movie ratings. The content on Zytu receives a content rating of iG, iPG, or iPG13 before it becomes available for users. All content is rated, including usernames, profile pictures, videos, video titles, video descriptions, video comments, video tags, photos, photo titles, photo descriptions, photo comments, and photo tags.

When users come to browse the Zytu.org websites, they will only see content that has been given an iG rating. To gain access to additional content, users can create a Zytu account, where they choose the levels of content they would like their account to access. Parents can set up sub-accounts for children with specific rating levels.

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