Something fell out the dishwasher and as a natural reaction I quickly moved out of the way and then this is what I saw:

Yikes! Yeah, the floor could have been my foot, my bare foot. It was a close call, I'd say. I can't believe it actually fell so straight that it stuck right into our hard wood floor. I am sure glad that I had to just simply pluck the knife out of the floor ever so easily rather than the very possible alternative.

This experience got me thinking about the phrase "close call" and I decided to look up the definition. So I discovered in other words I had just experienced a "narrow escape" and another definition added a "narrow escape from danger". Yes this was a narrow escape from a dangerous situation. I was indeed grateful of the outcome.

And now after replaying the scenario in my head I can't help but think of a much more dangerous narrow escape we sometimes experience in life.

Do we sometimes play with fire? Do we sometimes toy with sin?

Or do we break the glass and run or simply swim away?

There truly is no need to experience a close call when it comes to sin. We can have a very wide escape if we never tip-toe close to the line. Let us stay away from Spiritual Close Calls, it is much better than the alternative! Don't you think?!?

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