I hope that each one of us will be a better husband or wife, kinder to one another, more thoughtful, more restrained in criticism, and more generous with compliments.
(Gordon B. Hinckley, A Time of New Beginnings.)

As grateful partners look for the good in each other and sincerely pay compliments to one another, wives and husbands will strive to become the persons described in those compliments.(Russell M. Nelson, Nurturing Marriage.)

I try to not be a particularly naggy or critical wife but I know that I fail in this area sometimes but I hope not too often. But as I have read over these quotes the thought crossed my mind that even though I may not be overly critical I don't think I am very generous or consistent in giving compliments to my wonderful husband. He really is wonderful.

Although I am not perfect at giving compliments one of my biggest pet peeves are the actions of those I'd like to call "Spouse-Beater-Downers". You know what I am talking about-the people that tend to tell you every negative thing their spouse has done or said or not done or not said. It would make me so sad to hear that my husband was out telling everyone the dumb things I've said or done. I hope to be a "Spouse-Builder-Upper". I hope that whenever I speak of my husband, whether he is present or not, I can share only the kind and wonderful things he does for me and our family.

Once again I think I can learn a lesson or two from my little boy. Here are a few recent statements of encouragement/compliments he has made to me:

Example 1:
"Mom, you're precious."
"What does precious mean."

Example 2:
I couldn't get his button done on his shirt and this is what he said when I finally succeeded:
"You did it Mom! Whoo-hoo! Way to go, I'm proud of you."

Example 3:
While eating lunch-
"Mmm-mmm, tastey, tastey."

I hope that we all can strive to give more words of encouragement, more sincere compliments, and leave the negative, critical, or discouraging words alone. I love the thought that compliments can stretch us to become better as we strive to truly become what the compliment describes. Let us give more sincere compliments to those we love.

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