Fight the New Drug ( is a youth-oriented, non-profit organization dedicated to raising global awareness on the addictive and harmful potential of pornography.

Started by four Utahans, this youth-led movement intends to confront one of our generation’s most damaging and unchecked problems with education and openness. Rather than pushing a political, religious, or moral agenda, the group focuses on the science and the demonstrable effects of pornography on the brain, relationships, and society. For years, pornography has been viewed as a moral issue. Those who fought it publicly were considered religious extremists. Some doctors recommended it to patients claiming it to be a “healthy outlet.” Such misunderstanding of a substance hasn’t been seen since tobacco was thought to be good for the lungs. The effects pornography has on your brain are real and incredibly dangerous.

The Fight the New Drug global viral campaign attempts to build an army of young adults who will unite to decrease the demand for pornography. They invite you to help them spread the word to those around you. Sign up on their Web site to get involved, get educated, become a Fighter, and unite with others in the fight against pornography.

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