I just started reading my blog and realized that I have not contributed a post for two years!! That went by fast! Kudos to John for (kind of) holding down the fort for that time with semi-regular postings.

So, what have I been doing?

I have been a little busy and quite distracted this last few years. In 2008, we sold our home in Richardson (Dallas area), TX and moved to Cedar Park (Austin area), TX in January 2009.

In April 2009, we were blessed with the most amazing and beautiful identical twin baby girls. We now have six children and two of them are babies who, while adorable and quite beloved, love to tag team at night instead of sleeping! :)

In August 2009, right in the midst of yet another 300 hour billable month at my law firm, my law firm informed me that it was CLOSING the Austin Office and that I no longer had a job. So there I was, in a new home in Austin, TX with six kids (two of them babies), in the worst economy known to this generation, with no job. I think the Lord was trying to teach me several important lessons.

Fortunately, I was able to line up a similar job by November, and I started working again on November 30. This job, however, required yet another move, this time to Cypress (Houston area), TX. So, since my last blog post, I have moved my family through pretty much every major city in Texas, had two new additions to my family, lost my job and found another one just in the nick of time (before my severance ran out).

I was also distracted in other ways- ways that challenged every assumption and faith tenet I have clung so tenaciously to for my entire adult life so far. Fortunately, in the end, I emerged from that struggle with a strengthened faith in the atonement of our Savior and a renewed commitment to serve faithfully in what I believe to be His church today.

With these struggles behind me and a bright, albeit busy, outlook ahead, I think I can take up my keyboard and throw in an occasional post again- the frequency of which is yet to be determined by home, work, and church life.

With that in mind, greetings again fellow bloggernacclers, friends and family! Thanks for indulging this more personal (less topical) post – usually I reserve the more personal family updates for our family blog. Talk to you soon!

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