Have you checked out the Scriptures 4 Kids site (scriptures4kids.com) lately? It has recently been updated with music, videos, and games.

The site provides parents with tools to help them teach their children to love the scriptures and gain a testimony of Jesus Christ. The site makes scriptures fun and accessible for kids.

The site was developed by an LDS mom as she was trying to teach her oldest child how to read. She wanted scripture stories that could help her child learn how to read on her own and also wanted something that could grow with her child as her reading ability and spiritual growth evolved. With 6 children under the age of 10, she realized that trying to do family scripture study and personal scripture study with each child was just not realistic. So she developed Scriptures 4 Kids to help her children establish a habit of daily personal scripture study while they are young.

Audio Scripture Stories

The site currently has 71 stories (D&C and Book of Mormon). Each story has 4 reading levels, audio narration for all 4 reading levels, and a “story question.” Each story also has a coloring page. Stories for the New and Old Testaments are planned for release by the end of 2010.


There are now 3 games on the site for children aged 2-10. Each story will eventually have an online game that reinforces the principles in the story.  30-40 more games are planned for June, then 2 more each month after that.


The site has a Scripture Reading Challenge that encourages children to make scripture reading a part of their daily lives.


There are also other sections not directly tied to the scripture stories, such as a Sacrament Meeting Activities Packet and junior and senior General Conference Activities Packets.

Since the site began on February 1, 2010, it has had over 25,000 visitors from over 130 countries. The Scriptures 4 Kids page on Facebook has over 8,000 fans. They are asking for volunteers to help them translate the Scriptures 4 Kids site into many languages. If you want to volunteer, see http://volunteer.scriptures4kids.com.

Visit the site and let your kids try it out. If you like it, spread the word to your friends. Also, please come back and leave a comment here so others can learn what you found helpful.

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