So I am going to try out something new and see if I like it and if you like it and if we do, we will stick with it.

I am going to try a Question and Answer portion to the blog. Some questions will come from me and others will come from you. If you'd like a question answered on the blog by becoming lds readers then leave a comment (on any post) with your question or email me at I will read over your question and then if your question is both appropriate and not an opinionated doctrinal question I will create a post with your question as the title. Then readers will respond in the comments with thoughts and answers.

Questions can range from basic doctrinal questions like:

What is the Godhead?

To application kind of questions like:

What do you do for family scripture study at your house? What time of day do you do it? What is your reading plan? Etc.

But I will not post opinionated doctrinal questions like:

Should you pay your tithing on gross or net income?

I'd love for many to participate and we'll see if we like this or not so please comment or email with your questions. Thanks!

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