Have you played online games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Cafe Wars, or Pet Society? These are referred to as “social games” because you play the game online on a social site (like Facebook) with other people.

Social games are becoming very popular–nearly half of US social network users now play social games. (Source: eMarketer) It’s the 5th most popular social networking activity, ahead of watching videos or searching for new contacts. And women are playing in greater numbers than men. 28% of female Internet users (vs. 22% of men) play social games. Men still play more games overall than women, including offline and online console gaming and playing in virtual worlds.

Do you enjoy interacting with people by playing social games? How do you find the balance between harmless, casual gaming and becoming obsessed and spending too much time with games?

Because social games are engaging and popular, what ways could they be used to teach or share the gospel?

I invite your comments below.

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