I have a special request for all reading this blog post.  I have a dear friend who is in need of help and healing from God at this time. My friend and long-time supporter, Kathy Larsen, is facing the difficult trial of having to undergo a multilevel spinal fusion operation for what is called a bilateral pedicle fracture of one of her vertebrae. The operation is, of course, very serious, and typically takes 6-8 hours of surgical time with 8-12 weeks of recovery time. I have previously requested your prayers on behalf of Kathy, as she has been undergoing radiation treatments for Cancer.  In fact, it appears that the last round of treatments is what caused, or contributed to, her fractured vertebra.

I can’t begin to imagine what she is going to have to go through, but I know that despite her great strength and courage, she really needs the Lord’s help right now.

Although you may not know her, Kathy has been an incredible and unfailing help to me and my family for the past few years since I went back to school to pursue my (post)graduate education.  I literally would not be where I am today without her help and support.

Asking all of you to please remember Kathy Larsen in your prayers is but a very small token of my gratitude to her.  

I strongly believe that the combined faith of good people (no matter what specific religion), is recognized by our Father in Heaven and results in blessings for the intended recipient.  If you could pray and/or fast for her continued strength and endurance, for her speedy recovery so that she can continue to serve God according to her desires and His will, your help will be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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