In advance of next year’s study of the New Testament in Sunday School Gospel Doctrine classes, the Church has published a smaller paperback edition of the New Testament. This more portable, convenient size (404 pages, rather than 2,000+ pages of current LDS edition of the KJV of the Bible) is just over ¼” thick. It is the standard size (5¼” x 7¼”) and has standard size print and all the footnotes, but without the Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, Joseph Smith Translation, Bible maps, and photographs. That makes it very handy to carry and read on the bus, or for your kids to carry to Church.

This new publication sells for  $2.00 and is available in English only for a limited time and in select areas to see if it should be continued and implemented worldwide. During this evaluation period (through the end of the year), it is available in Church distribution stores in Utah from Logan to Spanish Fork. It may also be special ordered through other Church distribution stores and is available by phone and LDScatalog to customers in the United States and Canada. The item number is 09215000.

The Church welcomes your feedback on whether you find this format helpful, as well as any other suggestions about scriptures products. Please post your comments below and I’ll pass them along to the  people who coordinate scriptures products.

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