Chapter 16 discusses the church set up by Jesus both in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon, and the apostasy that followed. Here are some related resources:

17 Points of the True Church

How does one respond to the statement: “Churches don’t save; Jesus saves”?

What does the Bible teach about priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ?

Christians don’t need a mediating priesthood?

Is there a “Priesthood of All Believers”?

When the Bible talks about being “born again,” what does this mean? How did the first Christians understand this concept?

Baptism for the dead

The Bible predicts an apostasy from the church founded by Jesus Christ. Is there any Biblical evidence that this apostasy began?

Since members of the Church believe that divine authority was lost during the apostasy, wouldn’t some Christian author or members have noted this problem?

Biblical Evidences of an Apostasy

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