Last week, our focus was upon Canned and Frozen Fruits.  I only really addressed Canned Fruits, but will try to remedy that this week.

We are focusing on Canned Vegetables and Frozen Vegetables this week.  Above, are some of the commercially canned goods I have stored.

I also have some that I have grown and canned myself.  Now, before there are lots of rolling eyes...I am not a pioneer woman.  I do not spend hours in my garden or kitchen (just check out the weed collection in my garden!).  However, I have learned how to be more efficient and hopefully be more self-sufficient in doing these types of things. Practicing skills that we need now, and in the case of an emergency is just smart.  So, I am trying to get smarter by practicing at home.

There are many case lot sales in Utah right now, so take advantage of them.  If you live outside of Utah, watch for sales on canned goods.  Ask the store manager for a case or several cases.  In addition, ask if they will take off the "shelving fee".  This is the additional mark-up on goods to pay for the labor to place them on the shelf.  Some stores will take it off.

Make your lists, check them twice....and get going!

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