So if you've ever wanted to buy an LDS themed game you've found the mecca of LDS themed games:

LDS Board Games (here) is a site that has a listing for pretty much every LDS themed game ever sold! It's broken down into type of game as well: Board Games, Card Games, Party Games, Table Top Games (none in this category as of yet), and even Used Games. They aren't all available for purchase, as many are out of print and hard to find. But, if it's for sale somewhere, there's a link to that somewhere so that you can purchase it!!

Another really cool aspect of the site is that independent game designers can publish their games to the world! So, if you've got an LDS themed game that you've designed up and are ready to start selling, you can get the game listed on the site for all to see and buy!!

Anyway, all in all it looks like a great site with lots of good information regarding LDS themed games. Go check it out!!
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