Blog statistics Google compiles for me tells me I get a number of hits from Russia. Today's post is primarily for these viewers. See basic facts about Russia as a country. Below is some basic information and links concerning the Church in Russia.

There are about 20,000 members in Russia. The country is divided into eight missions.  See this link for more statistics and the history of the Church there. A shorter legal history can be found on the Church's Newsroom site.

The Church's official country site is available in Russian but can be translated to English. The site for all official news in Russia is also in Russian.

I found only two profiles on of Russians: Ksenia and George, although there are several profiles of members who have served missions in Russia: AJ McCleary, Jaron, William Hale, Chad, Kimberly Ann, Shawn, B. Hansen, Charlie, John, Lorald, Bethany Lynn, Becky, Elizabeth Kuhn, Drew and Briant.

A recent article in Mormon Times entitled, "Future of the LDS Church in Russia seen as very bright" suggests that since the Church's formal recognition in 1991 it has experienced rapid growth. This article was published October 13, 2010.

The video below entitled, "Oct. 2010 World Report: Mormon Church in Russia" is from the Church's official October 2010 World Report.

See a prior posting for information on the Kyiv, Ukraine temple which is now available to Russian members.

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