A reporter from KUTV2 asked me to post about a story that is airing tonight. I haven't seen the entire thing, so I can't say exactly what it will be about, but she assured me that the story was very similar to mine. In the reporter's words:

"The story is about a LDS wife & mother who struggles with same-sex attraction.  She has had 2 homosexual affairs.  But she has decided her religion is more important to her and has gone through a church disciplinary process and is now in good standing as a member of the church.  It is her story about how she has chosen to true to herself by remaining a member of the LDS church despite her struggle."

The story tonight, on KUTV 2 - Utah - at 10:00 Utah time. I'm not sure how to get it outside of Utah. But I think it sounds like it will be worth watching. I'm glad to see that there are other voices willing to share the message of hope, peace, and repentance.
I've attached the trailer here.

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