We Good Girls here at Thread Ethic lived in New York City for a long time and still kind of feel like it is our hometown (or one of our hometowns, I guess). The inhabitants of New York have a reputation for wearing a lot of black, a reputation which holds true - there's a lot of dark clothing running around that city. We love dressing in black as much as the next Modest girl, but how can a girl wear black and still standout? We like black pieces that have something special about them, something different - an exciting shape or detail. Here, the standout is the egg shape of this high-waisted skirt. We tend to stay away from an all black outfit put together entirely of basic pieces. The turtleneck and skirt here have a minimalist feel so we decided to give contrast, and make everything pop, with ornate and colorful necklaces (we actually layered 2). We continued to add more color with tuquoise, black and gold cat-eye sunglasses, and a strong red lip.
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