All sorts of bizarre tales get told about Mormons and Mormondom. In an article entitled, "Living History: What’s that USC professor smokin'? in the Salt Lake Tribune by Ardis E. Parshall, a Utah historian, he debunks point-by-point assertions made by Charles Whitebread, a former U.S.C. law professor about the history of marijuana in Utah.

Whitebread identified his main source of information as "the Mormon National Tabernacle in Washington." I wish someone would have queried Mr. Whitebread about this imaginary source. It does not exist. 

Why wasn't Mr. Whitebread's credibility questioned in his lifetime as well as after? Parshall apparently tried and his posts were picked up by at least two prominent blogs (NothingWavering and Keepapitchinin) but Whitebreads nonsense has gone viral on drug-friendly sites.

I have no respect for liars. In addition, I have no respect for those who perpetuate others' lies.

A lie repeated is still a lie.

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