The Church has a lot of well-kept secrets but they aren't the ones most people think of. One of them is "Helping in the Vineyard."

This is a web site that collects volunteer opportunities in the Church and provides a convenient place to find out about opportunities, sign up for them and start working.

You will need to establish an LDS Account if you do not already have one. This is the sign-in for all the Church password protected secure sites like the Local Unit Web Sites (LUWS) FamilySearch and the rest. The web site will instruct you on it.

The kicker is that all of the volunteer opportunities are online.
This Web site establishes a worldwide community as a resource for completing large amounts of work in a short period of time. Much of this work is completed online with potentially thousands of people working on a single project together at the same time. 
The LDS Church has Church-related projects that would take many years to complete without the help of a large group of people. Some of this work includes the preparation of Church content for worldwide distribution. For example, a very large portion of the Church library--its images, videos, and articles--needs to be updated and enhanced before we can share them with the world. See FAQs
I'm glad to see them collecting all of these opportunities in one convenient web site. I already knew about some of them. In fact, I already volunteer with some of them.

It has been my little secret, until now.

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